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YMMV / A Hat Full of Sky

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  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: A dim village couple fails to understand (despite repeated explanations from Miss Level) that putting the outhouse next to the well is contaminating the water and making the children sick. Granny gets around the lack of comprehension by blaming the illness on goblins attracted by the stink of the privy—which seems a lot harsher after reading Snuff.
    • Also, Rob Anybody's suspicions about the letter Q - a letter "with a sting in its tail" - comes across as a bit creepier if you've read Thud!. A capital Q actually does look a bit like the Summoning Dark.
  • Uncanny Valley: To get a coach ride, the Feegles en masse dress up in stolen clothes as a human with a long beard (said beard is stolen from the actual owner's face as well). The effect on fellow passengers is actually closer to Eldritch Abomination, especially when the various Feegles controlling each part of the body start arguing with each other- loudly.

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