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Word Of God / Jimmy Two-Shoes

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A now-archived discussion with co-creator Edward Kay contains several insights and confirmations. Among them:

  • Samy is a Starscream who would overthrow Lucius if he had the chance.
  • Also on Samy: "I don’t think of him as either gay or straight, just someone with a pathetically desperate need to feel needed and more important that he is. He’s a typical fascist – cowardly and obsequious to those above him, and a tyrant to those "below" him."
  • Heloise loves Jimmy because "there's something about sweet, innocent guys that appeals to the last shred of humanity in her".
  • On the matter of her Ambiguously Human identity, he said that Heloise is "a bit of a shapeshifter".
  • Lucius is a Reality Warper, which explains Miseryville's chaotic nature. He refuses to use his powers to their maximum potential out of pride.
  • Edward Kay also confirmed that the actual pilot is but a simple animation test with the plot simply being Jimmy and Heloise going on a date (with Heloise trying to kill him during the whole thing).
  • He also dispelled the common rumor that Charlie Schlatter and Jessica DiCicco were the original voices for Jimmy and Heloise respectively.