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The 110 Club is an Internet forum dedicated to the discussion of supercentenarians (people aged 110 years and older) and the world's oldest people. It can be found here:

The forum was created in 2007 by Ben Meyers and Keith Cody. It is currently the most popular discussion forum about supercentenarians on the Internet. The forum is divided into several sections. For example, there is a section for discussion about the Top 10 oldest currently living people on Earth, a section for discussion of deceased supercentenarians, a section to report recent deaths, a gallery where pictures of centenarians and supercentenarians can be posted, etc.


This website provides examples of the following:

  • Cool Old Guy: Any of the various male supercentenarians.
  • Cool Old Lady: Any of the various female supercentenarians.
  • Older Than They Look: Many of the elderly folks featured on the website look far younger than they actually are.
  • Slogan: "History Lives Among Us."


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