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Natsuki's new Yandere tendencies are due to whatever was in Shepard's burger
It's barely been a day in-RP but OOC it has been a year and a month and now Natsuki is suddenly lined up to be a final boss-esque villain...

Doc: they went from "helpful agent who doesn't take great care of themselves but is trying their best"
Doc: to "pretends to be nice but will murder anyone who takes what they think is theirs"

The final arc of xdre happens in the real world/on the forums
The key to save the multiverse is to break the fourth wall. And possibly punch Mage in the face.

It was all just a fever dream
A whole adventure dreamed up by Xander, or anyone else, for that matter...

The true role of the XDRS is not to save the worlds, but to adopt everyone.
One of the veteran members was even XANDER, then nobody had any qualms other than attracting attention when Duke took Dynarst under his wing, and now Cam is almost literally being taken under Arch's wing. Cistina's ahead of the curve by taking Kelsier home.


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