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This movie takes place in the same universe as Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
Someone had to say it.
  • Impossible and preposterous.
Tom and Jerry will be forced into an Enemy Mine in the climax
It is quite fitting since in the original cartoons, when the situation is worse enough, both Tom and Jerry must work together to save the day.
  • The full synopsis of the film pretty much confirms this.
The movie is Revisiting the Roots
As shown in the trailer, both Tom and Jerry would start again from the beginning and kept their iconic dynamics in the movie, similar to their interactions in the old cartoons.
Spike and Tyke would make a cameo with Droopy dog
  • Confirmed for Spike, and he doesn't just get a cameo, but actually has an overall big role in the movie. Confirmed for Droopy regarding the cameo bit. Jossed for Tyke sadly - maybe next movie?
While Tom and Jerry will be silent for most of the movie, they'll have one or two lines of spoken dialogue
The original shorts also did this, keeping them silent but still having the occasional scene or gag where they talked. Bonus points if said line in the movie is a Mythology Gag to a line from the original shorts (such as Tom's "Don't you believe it!" from Mouse Trouble and The Missing Mouse).
  • Jossed, but Tom does sing at one point to impress Toodles. With vocals provided by T-Pain too.

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