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Season two would have made Lugad, Knight of Aether/Light

It would fit that his name is related to his armor/powers. So, it could work if Lugad had light related magic.

  • So what would his Catchphrase be?
  • "light behind me!"?
  • Maybe he'd be a knight of shadow/darkness instead?
  • How about "Light in my eyes", analoguous to Rohan's "Fire inside me" being more metaphorical than a literal position.


Both series are similar in the aspect of Elemental Powers and the rangers assigned to them. Furthermore, since the second sequel was cancelled, it can be surmised that Midar and Nemain not only have nefarious plans for Kells and Tir Na Nog, but also the entire world. They retreated to Japan, and under the Sanzu River, they formally established the Nighlok group.


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