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Games with their own pages:

Team Ico is purposefully making each game have a Bittersweet Ending.
So they can eventually use a machine that will suck out our very will to live because of all the tears we've shed!
  • Alternatively, they intend to use our tears for good purposes, like purifying it and giving it to counties afflicted by droughts.

Both the boy and the griffin will die at the end of The Last Guardian.
Because only one of them dying would be too predictable.
  • And not sad enough.

Both the boy and the griffin will live at the end of The Last Guardian.
Worked for Ico and Yorda!
  • They both do, and this is probably the most positive and unambiguous ending we'll get from Team Ico.

The game maybe a prequel to Shadow Of The Colossus, so...
The griffin will end up becoming Dormin. I know it's far fetched, but the griffin does have horns...

Dormin was the boy and the griffin from The Last Guardian, combined.
Like the above WMG, but this troper predicted that in a climax of the game, the boy will do anything to save his friend (probably mortally wounded), so he decided to fuse himself with the griffin, suddenly becoming the local god in SOTC.

The boy in Last Guardian was intended to be a snack for Trico.
Would fit the other two games' fascination with Human Sacrifice.
  • This ends up being true. He wasn't sacrificed by his people but his ultimate fate was to be processed as food.

Trico and the boy will survive
But become seperate somehow, possibly even believing the other to be dead. It would still fit the somewhat bitter end of the previous games, but not be as tearjerking as many have assumed thus far.

Trico will be killed by Wander
When the boy and Trico finally get to the top / exit of the ruins, they will arrive just in time to see Wander killing a bunch of people with the magic sword and hoisting Mono onto Agro. Then Wander will assume that Trico must be with the others and kill it. Whether or not Wander Would Hurt a Child and kill the boy too is unknown.

The series takes place on the planet Boazan
The Boazanians are Human Aliens whose only distinction from humans is that their ruling caste have horns. They also use gigantic Robeasts as weapons and despite being technologically advanced have a distinct Medieval European Fantasy aesthetic. Ico may be either a prequel or sequel to Voltes V. The normal peoples' prejudice against the horned ones may stem from how they used to rule over the planet with an iron fist. Alternatively, those with horns may have risen up and enslaved the others as revenge for how they were mistreated.