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The videogame:

  • Hoo, boy. Less of a wild guess really, but it seems this game was waaaaay rushed and a lot of things were left out of what was planned, beyond the obvious bugs.
    • You start the game off playing as April. This seemed to be a set up to play her again later (she gets a lot of unique moves for one) for a stealth side mission, but she's never playable again, merely a damsel in distress/plot point for the most part.
    • During the second Karai fight, she continually says "Leo! Fight me one-on-one!" Again, seems a set up to have her and Leo, well... but it never happens, nor is there any seeming difference in using Leo to fight her over the other turtles.
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    • This game seems really primed to have a skateboarding level and physics for it. None are in the game.
    • It's SHORT. A lot of work went into it, and we get four chapters. Even the menus seem to be set up for more slots. The story also seems to have obvious gaps where things were chopped out.
    • The difficulty spike between chapters two and three. Feels like there were meant to be more levels in between.

The movie:

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     Pre-Release Theories 
The Shredder is a new person
In the first movie, the Shredder was never given a civilian name. The Shredder in the first movie was Oroku Nagi while the one in this movie will be Saki. Nagi believed in upgrading the Foot’s weaponry, but Saki decides to return the Foot to its traditional roots.

The film will have two running plots
First plot: April decides to follow in her father's footstops and become a scientist...apprenticing at Stockman's Labs. Second plot: the obvious Raph vs Casey bit. Eventually it will be revealed that Stockman is funding Shredder's shenanigans (resulting in Bebop and Rocksteady) and ass-kicking ensues.
  • First plot is Jossed; April O'Neil doesn't work in Stockman's labs but rather tracks him due to his ties with Shredder. There is a little Raph vs. Casey but it's not the focus.

How to work Hamato Yoshi into the plot
This movie will reveal that the Foot killed Hamato Yoshi and his DNA was used to make the Mutagen, which helped increase the user's combat skills. Adding to the Oroku Nagi theory above, Karai is revealed to be a code name for the Shredder's second-in-command. The Karai in this movie will be Hamato Miwa, who joined the Foot to catch the Shredder off guard and kill him to avenge Hamato Yoshi.
  • Jossed. No mention of Hamato Yoshi or Hamato Miwa is made at all.

The portal in the sky will be a gateway to Dimension X
Leading to Krang being revealed at some point or in a post-credits scene.
  • Confirmed on both points.

Mutant Shredder
Think about it in the first movie the Shredder got some mutagen on him, because of this he will no longer need his Power Armor from the first film. This is because like all mutants seen so far he will have Super Strength.
  • Possible, but unconfirmed. Shredder is hindered by mere handcuffs and doesn't doesn't have much of a fighting role in this film.

Eric Sachs will be revealed to be Kraang
Think about it... Eric Sachs is a scientist/businessman who works with the Shredder. He has developed the first Shredder's armor. And there are definite hints that Kraang and Dimension X are coming. While the plan may have been to have Sachs be the Shredder, now that they are moving away from this they may decide to change gears and make Sachs Kraang. It would explain why they are bringing him back when, truthfully, the new Shredder and Stockman mean Sachs isn't needed. The final battle will see Sachs pull open his shirt and his stomach open to reveal Kraang, setting up a third movie where the turtles must team up with Shredder and the Foot to protect Earth from Kraang and Dimension X and their own army of mutants (Leatherhead, Mondo Gecko, so on).
  • Jossed. Eric Sachs doesn't appear at all in the film. Plus, Kraang is Kraang right from his first appearance, and he's far too full of himself for that level of subterfuge.

There will be a love triangle with April, between Vern and Casey.
Vern obviously had a crush on her in the first movie, and might still be harboring feelings, even as he dates other women. Just when April begins to like him back, Casey will then show up.

The Kraang are the source of the mutagen.
Little April said the substance came from space, and now highly advanced space invaders have found Earth. It's likely this isn't their first visit, and the last time(possibly recon) left the mutagen behind.
  • Confirmed! Krang even gives a little extra mutagen to Shredder in exchange for helping him conquer Earth. In addition, Krang sent a portal generator to Earth which broke into pieces some time ago.

Shredder will usurp Kraang over the course of the movie.

     Post-Release Theories 

Splinter is trying to take a more hands-off approach to parenting.
  • Splinter had a revelation at the end of the first movie that he was being too overprotective of his sons. Now he's trying to let them do their own thing and run their own lives. This may also explain Leo's attitude problems in the movie — he's trying to fill the role his thinks Splinter held — trying to control his brothers, rather than lead them.

Baxter Stockman will evenually make mousers.
  • After the events of the second movie, Krang will decide he still needs the Shredder and defreeze him. Enraged by the previous betrayal, Shredder will quickly set his claws on Krang's used gum body and then return to Earth, where he'll enlist "footnote" Stockman to make a new weapon against the turtles and Splinter.

Baxter Stockman will be turned into a mutant fly.
  • He's canonically expected to suffer this or some other sort of physical mutation. If it doesn't happen between second and third movies, it'll at least be hinted at during the third movie.
    • What if he ends up being turned into a cyborg like in the 2003 series?

April O'Neil will become a cat mutant girl in the next film
In the 1980s show, April O'Neil becomes a cat mutant after teleporting alongside an orange cat. Out of the Shadows established that Krang has such a teleporter, so it's not such a reach. It could also be the effect of another strain of Ooze that April takes from Krang or Shredder's labs. Cue mixed reactions from the heroes and villains.
  • Or she could end up taking a dose of the mutagen which turns her into a Turtle, making her better-received version of Venus de Milo.

Karai will become Lady Shredder in the sequel.

The sequel will be based on the "Turtles in Space" arc.

Shredder will be mutated in the sequel.

Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen will appear in the sequel
  • Yoshi and Shen will appear as allies alive and well, with some connection to Shredder, but no connection to Splinter or the Turtles.
    • Alternatively, they worked with April's father at Sacks' lab before the fire, with Splinter as Yoshi's long-lost pet rat, and returned to Japan after.

A mutagen like the one in the 1987 and 2012 shows will appear in the sequel.
  • A mutagen that transforms you into the thing you last touched will appear.
    • It will somehow be synthesized from the Turtles' mutagen and the purple mutagen.

Chung I and Venus de Milo will appear in the sequel.
  • Chung I, a Chinese kung fu master and "spiritual penpal" of Splinter, will visit New York with his daughter/apprentice Mei Pieh Chi.
    • If the above mentioned mutagen appears, Mei will be mutated from a human girl to a female Turtle after touching one of the boy Turtles (or a normal turtle).

Vam-Mi will be the villain of the sequel.
  • Although Vam-Mi only appeared as an Arc-Villain for a couple of episodes, she played a vital role in Venus' Shinobi training, and should Venus appear in this movie, Vam-Mi will become the main antagonist.

Rahzar and Tokka will appear in the sequel.
  • If Vam-Mi appears, Bing and Chi Chu will also appear, and be mutated into Rahzar and Tokka.

This film series will crossover with "Power Rangers"
"Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation" had a crossover with "Power Rangers in Space", so we can expect a crossover between this film series and the new "Power Rangers" movie.


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