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We will see more flashbacks to the saving of the multiverse by altering the original Crisis from the ending of Convergence.
Jossed (at least in this series). The only flashback we get is the one in the first issue.

This series will last at least seven years, get an annual, sell well in trade, and be acclaimed by both fans and critics.
  • The "last seven years" part seems jossed. Dan Jurgens has tweeted that this is an 8-issue miniseries. We also don't seem to be getting an annual.
    • The series does have plenty of acclaim though.

The series will end with Clark and Lois (somehow) returning to the Post-Crisis universe, with Jon in tow.
  • Jossed. Lois, Clark, and Jon are all staying in the New 52 for Rebirth!

Jon will be Rebirth's Superboy
  • Confirmed!

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