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YMMV / Superman: Lois and Clark

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  • Author's Saving Throw: Continuing the trend from Convergence. Post-Crisis/Pre-Flashpoint Clark Kent and Lois Lane, happily married and still heroes, are appearing in an ongoing series again!
    • In addition, the pre-Flashpoint Kents are flabbergasted at New 52 Lois's decision to out the New 52 Superman in the Superman: Truth storyline, which neatly sums up the critical and fan reaction to the event.
  • Angst? What Angst?: Clark and Lois believe (mistakenly) that the entire Post-Crisis universe has been destroyed, yet they just keep doing what they've always done. Of course, this does make sense in that Clark is not someone known for easily giving into despair, and that the two are motivated by doing the best they can to raise their son.
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  • It's Short, So It Sucks!: Inverted. Despite initial disappointment that the book would be a miniseries instead of an ongoing series, most people agree that a limited run with only one creative team in charge ensures a consistent level of quality and that the book does not overstay its welcome. Makes sense, as the series was only a lead-in to Superman (Rebirth).
  • Win Back the Crowd: Four issues in and Lois and Clark has done a good job at vindicating Superman readers who felt disappointed by the New 52 and DC YOU. It even went on to influence DC Rebirth, what with the pre-Flashpoint Kents becoming the protagonists of the new Superman books and Jon starring with Damian Wayne in Super Sons.


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