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Heartwarming / Superman: Lois and Clark

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  • The whole premise of the book is that even the supposed destruction of their universe and everyone they've ever known is not enough to put a damper on the love Clark Kent and Lois Lane have for each other.
  • In #5, Clark tells Lois he nearly revealed himself to New 52 Batman. Crosses over with Tearjerker.
    Lois: I'm still trying to understand why you nearly revealed yourself.
    Clark: Maybe... because I thought of him as a colleague, Lois. A friend. Someone I could count on above all others. I miss that.
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  • In #8, Clark helping Jon figure out how to fly.
  • When Jon looks like he may snap from the stress of handling supervillains, Lois Lane simply states that he represents both Earth and Krypton and that he has the choice to represent the best of both. She has faith in her son doing so, since he's not only Superman's son but her son too.


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