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Streets of Fire and The Warriors take place in the same universe.
The Walter Hill verse.
  • Building on this, Reva Cody and Mercy aren't just played by the same actress, they're the same character; Mercy is Reva's nickname. Following the events of The Warriors she and Swan leave New York, but they eventually part ways and by the start of Streets of Fire Reva has settled down alone in The Richmond and started running a diner, escaping the fate of being trapped in her old neighborhood with several kids and a cockroach-infested apartment.

The Roadmasters are such wimps because they're spoiled rich kids.
  • All of the other characters are known to be poor, or at least - as in Billy's case - to have come from poverty. Life has made them tough. But the Roadmasters have "come down from King's Park" looking for some action in their bright shiny new car, with their fashionable clothes and haircuts. They're slumming rich kids who thought they could swagger and intimidate their way through a genuine bad neighborhood the way they probably do through their suburban high school. They were not prepared to deal with someone who could and would fight back, and they're lucky they ran into Tom, who was satisfied to teach them a lesson, rather than, say, the Bombers.

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