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Film / The Block Island Sound

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The Block Island Sound is an American science fiction horror movie written and directed by Kevin McManus and Matthew McManus and starring Michaela McManus, Chris Sheffield, Neville Archambault, and Jim Cummings.

Strange occurrences start taking place on Block Island, like tons of dead fish washing ashore. In the sea, fisherman Tom wakes up alone in his boat to a messy scene, and when he returns, his family notices him behaving strangely.



  • Alien Abduction: Ultimately, what is happening: aliens are using certain humans to gather biological samples for them. Tom was used, then Harry. At the end of the movie, Harry and Aubrey are abducted, but Aubrey is returned home.
  • Ambiguously Evil: The aliens. While they're making a family and especially Harry go through nightmarish stuff, the ending narration implies they're scientists who ultimately want to help humans, not unlike biologists help the animals around them.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Harry is likely gone forever in the hands of the aliens and Emily is probably traumatized, but Aubrey is returned to Earth an unknown amount of time after her being taken.
  • Hell Is That Noise: The sound that Tom's ghost makes to Harry. A huge, guttural wailing. It's hinted that it might be some kind of botched command, as eventually, Tom is able to talk and says that Harry must get a female sample.
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  • Ironic Echo: The movie ends with a voice-over repeating Audry's words about the fishes: that they catch only a few so they can study them and help them better, implying that the aliens are treating her the same.
  • Meaningful Echo: The movie opens with Tom in a boat, uncertain of what's happening and with a dog leash strangely on his boat. This eventually happens to Harry midway through the movie, but we now have an explanation for the situations.
  • Stealth Pun: The title of the movie is a reference to both the strange noises throughout, and to the real-life name of the body of water separating Block Island from Long Island to the west and the mainland to the north.