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The Death Star in Star Tours is a prototype for the actual one
If Star Tours likely takes place inbetween episodes 3 and 4, the Death Star would not be gone, and destroyed like that. Unless if it is a smaller, and weaker prototype.
  • Word of God is that it takes place post-RotJ and the Death Star is a new one built by Imperial sympathizers who won't admit that they lost.
    • According to this timeline, it takes place 11 years after the Battle of Yavin.
    • What are R2 and 3PO doing then?
    • Actually, it wasn't a new Death Star at all. It was a decoy built by an Imperial warlord named Ennix Devian to divert the Alliance's attention while his men stole ships from them.

REX will come back for Star Tours 2
He will be depromoted to co-pilot.
  • This has been confirmed, though Rex will be a droid in training in the queue of the attraction.
    • And that it takes place between Episode III and IV.

This ride will be updated to promote the upcoming The Force Awakens movie.
Because why not? They can't miss out on a marketing opportunity like that.

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