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The short with Ketsu will show how her and Sabine's bounty hunting partnership ended.
In the Rebels episode "Blood Sisters", which introduced Ketsu, it's revealed that she and Sabine worked as bounty hunters after escaping the Mandalore Imperial Academy, but then Ketsu betrayed Sabine and left her for dead. Since she's appearing in at least one short, but isn't a lead character, perhaps that short will show this betrayal.
  • Jossed. It's about Ketsu joining the Rebellion with Sabine's help.

One of Ahsoka's shorts will be about an adventure she had during the time of the Empire.
Her exploits between her self-titled novel and Rebels are a complete mystery. We know she was working for the Rebel Network as their original Fulcrum informant during that time, but she was also doing plenty of other things. This is a perfect opportunity to show those adventures.
  • I heard something about concept art of adult Ahsoka for the series being shown somewhere. I don't have a source, so I don't know if it's legit or not.

One of Ahsoka's shorts will be about an adventure she had late in the Clone Wars.
Thanks to the cancellation of The Clone Wars, several stories showing what Ahsoka was up to after she left the Jedi Order were never made. Among other things, she became a vigilante on the lower levels of Coruscant, teamed up with Anakin and Obi-Wan to investigate a source of the Dark Side deep below the Jedi Temple, and fought in the Siege of Mandalore. We now have an opportunity to see some of the things she did.
  • Maybe we could get a cameo of Nix Okami or maybe have him play a side role.
  • Confirmed, though "The Padawan Path" is more about a short run-in with something.

One of Padmé's shorts will be of her reign as queen or in the lead-up to becoming queen.
What she's usually up to in The Clone Wars (mainly political intrigue or being a Damsel in Distress for Ahsoka/Anakin) might not appeal to the target audience, but maybe Padmé foils an attempt on her life or works to help a group of people while acting as queen. Or maybe we'll see her training alongside her handmaidens or see how she became queen. Having her short(s) take place pre-Clone Wars would also fit with how the other characters have their own eras to tell their stories in.

One of Sabine's shorts will take place during Season 2 of Rebels.
By way of explanation for why she's been depicted in her Season 2 outfit, despite the fact that the only short of hers that's had a described plot is about her exploring Yavin 4 with Chopper, which takes place during Season 4. Therefore avoiding Continuity Snarl.
  • It should be noted that the image shown of Sabine on Yavin 4 was concept art, which is not an accurate depiction of the final product. Considering Leia has already had multiple animation models, it makes sense that Sabine may get another animation model for Yavin 4 too.

Possible character appearances:
  • Shara Bey: As Poe's mom, she could get lots of brownie points for this connection. However, it is unlikely she may have an animated short, as it might take too long to set up everything about her in a two-minute short (saying that she's Poe's mom is one thing, but then you'd have to explain what's going on with her, like who are the people she's working with), but in a comic, there'll be enough time to explain everything.
    • Her getting an issue is jossed.
  • Rose & Paige: They're major characters in The Last Jedi, and they're also a sister duo.
    • Confirmed for an issue in the Forces of Destiny comic series. Rose is also the main character of some shorts.
  • Numa: She can appear alongside Hera in helping the Free Ryloth Movement.
  • Ursa and/or Bo-Katan: To tie in with the ending of Rebels in 2018. It could take place between "Legacy of Mandalore"/"Zero Hour" and "Heroes of Mandalore" in order to feature Sabine.
  • Evaan: It could somehow take place between the events of Princess Leia (in order to feature Leia), or about her starfighter pilot days before that. She may have the same problems as Shara, though.
  • Amilyn Holdo: She's a major character in The Last Jedi and is pals with Leia, not to mention that they were friends as teenagers as seen in Princess of Alderaan. It could take place either when they're adults, or in between events in Princess of Alderaan. Though there could be a problem in that Amilyn is older than the rest of the cast.
  • Mon Mothma: As the leader of the Rebel Alliance (and receiving expanding on that in Rebels & Rogue One), that could qualify as her being heroic enough to feature, though she's a Non-Action Guy and may have a similar problem to Amilyn. She could also appear in an episode with Padmé.
  • Qi'ra: She's a major character in the Solo movie.
  • Breha: As Leia's adoptive mother and a major figure in the Rebellion (as we learned in Princess of Alderaan), and also being secretly combat-capable, she could have a chance.
  • Barriss: She was Ahsoka's best friend, but that might be a problem since it might come off as weird since she had a Face–Heel Turn and betrayed Ahsoka.
    • Confirmed, she has a minor role in Ahsoka's issue in the tie-in comic, taking place before Barriss had her Face–Heel Turn.
  • Other female Jedi: Depends on how well the target audience knows and feels about them. It's harder to sell them if more exposition is needed to explain who they are.
  • Lorica: She's a main character in Join the Resistance.
  • Torra: She's a main character in Resistance.
  • Tam: She's a main character in Resistance.

Rose and Paige will be added to the 2018 shorts.
Because they're major characters in The Last Jedi (or at least Rose is, and Paige automatically gets to be in the roster because her sister is Rose.)
  • It has been confirmed that they will get an issue in the Forces of Destiny comic series.

Reann Tomvig will at least have a cameo in the Hera/Sabine issue.
Because her main artist in the Rebels magazine comics is Eva Widermann, who is going to work on the Forces of Destiny comic.
  • Jossed.

"Bounty of Trouble" is the last short we'll get until the later part of the year.
  • Confirmed. It's the last of the first eight shorts. The rest don't arrive until October.

The events of "The Stranger" are actually tied to the activities of the Garellian Resistance, unbeknownst to Jyn.
The girl is actually a rebel agent, and her tooka has a holomessage surgically attached to it. Alternatively, that's the reason why the Stormtroopers are confiscating tookas, but the girl and her tooka are regular civilians and aren't rebels.

Ketsu's informant is the girl from "The Stranger".

The Forces of Destiny comic will be extended from just being a five-week limited comic.