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Huedhaut's route will be a one-sided Reincarnation Romance

  • The protagonist is a goddess who was reborn as a human. It seems like too interesting a plot point to simply use for "you have stars in your eyes/your wishes resonate more clearly in the heavens." Enter Huedhaut. The phrasing on his pre-release profile page ("You've always had a bad habit of wanting the answers right away. You already know the answers, you've just forgotten..."), and his reaction to seeing the protagonist in the prologue hint at him recognizing her - or, rather, who she used to be. There's further foreshadowing (including in-universe speculation) in Scorpio's main route and POV story that something is going on for "Mr Smart Guy" to react the way he does.
    • Confirmed with the release of Huedhaut's route.

Potential reincarnated goddesses the protagonist could be

It seems unlikely that the protagonists former name or role will be brought up. but some potential suggestions:
  • Urania - Not a constellation herself, but a goddess/muse of constellations. Her purview was astronomy and astrology.
  • Nyx/Nox - Goddess of night. An enigmatic figure, even Zeus/Jupiter feared her in the Greek and Roman myths.
  • Venus - The lone planet on the list. Mentioned primarily because Eris, from Leon's route, is also a planet instead of a constellation.
    • Nixed: She's a goddess of fate, although her former name wasn't mentioned.

The protagonist may eventually regain her immortality and status as a goddess

  • It's a happy ending that lets the protagonist stay with her chosen Love Interest, without the tragedy implied by having the Love Interest watch her grow old and die through successive reincarnations and generations.
    • ... kind of? In Huedhaut's route, she regains some of her power and proceeds to wreck havoc with it. But she's still human.

Dui may be our resident Bitch in Sheep's Clothing.

If his preview image is looked at, he has two very different expressions, one of which has shades of Cute But Psycho. This could easily tie into his duality (Dui) as Gemini.
  • Nixed: Dui is a case of Split Personality.

Ichthys on the other hand, is The Trickster

Ichthys' penchant for misdirection, illusions, and playfulness certainly meet the criteria for a trickster, and he is among the group that was cast out of heaven for one sin or another. We won't likely find out more about how well (or not) he fits the trope until his own route comes out, however.

Makoto in Teorus' epilogue is actually Partheno

  • While it's anyone's guess how he managed to pass for human (to the point of getting to make a wish) everything else fits. Gradient hair? Check. References to Virgo? Check. Plus, from what we saw of him in Leon's sequel, this seems like exactly the sort of thing he'd do for a laugh/to prove a point.
    • I don't think so - unless Partheno comes with some shapeshifting / illusion powers like Ichthys does (this doesn't seem to be a power every god has by default). A check at the Voltage Wiki shows pictures of the two, and ... they don't really look alike. Doesn't rule out that Makoto won't be important later - why make a sprite for him otherwise?

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