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it's all an act.

Nobody is really dying, it was simply made up in order to scare the contestants and try to get them to give up, We never actually see Tommy die, and the cameraman running on with blood on him was probably staged, why do you think they didn't let anyone get close to him?

  • Or else it's intentional, and a way to get them to stay, and introduce some drama into it for audiences. There's no voting, no challenges, or anything else, besides "Survive".
  • Jossed}

The "Reality TV show from Hell" will only be the first season.

If the show is picked up for a second season, it will focus on the survivors being back in the real world, trying to deal with what happened to them as well as to try and learn the truth about who was behind what happened to them in the first season and why.

The Show is a front for a project to investigate the Paranormal Phenomena associated with the location.

The contestants are essentially bait, sent to draw out whatever it is is lurking in the area and kept ignorant in order to keep their behavior and reactions as natural as possible. The crew is there to document everything.

The show is just a live action, comical variation of the Total Drama series.
The show is recorded in Canada and they're faking it as Siberia. All you need is Chris Mc Lean to make it complete. TD even has it more believable than what they're doing here.

The big scary thing in the woods is...

Esther will kill Miljan
We saw Esther take something out of the behavioral reward box some time ago. This is a gun, which she decided to keep a secret because she's cautious about Miljan going crazy. When he was tied up, he threatened to tell everyone that she hid her taking something without telling the others. She decided to help him escape so he wouldn't be set off by her planning to keep herself safe from him with the gun. In the season finale, Miljan will go absolutely berzerk and Esther will decide not to be useless anymore, pull out the gun, and shoot him to death.

And when questioned about it, she'll say that she had no other choice to kill him.


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