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Ashe Ylum will cameo.
She is the unofficial mascot of The Asylum after all.

Nova interpreted the ancient clues and writings completely backwards.
  • She'd assumed the pictures and carvings were the story of how the sites' long-ago builders had once stopped the sharknadoes. In fact, the Harness and other mechanisms were created by a doomsday cult that wanted to cause them, in honor of their evil shark god. They were stopped thousands of years ago by one of Fin's own ancestors, which is why the shark-storms always seem to happen around him. Little Gil's being swept up wasn't a fluke, but a deliberate ploy by the shark god to ensure Fin and April would locate and re-activate the Egyptian doomsday device, ironically cancelling out the work of Fin's ancestor in preventing its use. That guy who swiped the Harness was either a descendant of the cultists who'd wanted the glory of ending the world for himself, or someone who knew what it was really capable of and was trying to keep the Shepherds from using it anymore.

The title of the next film will be…
  • Infinity Shark
  • Ready Player Shark
  • Shark Breaks the Internet
  • Fallen Sharknadom
  • Super Shark Odyssey
Jossed: The real title is The Last Sharknado: It's About Time

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