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The sharknado in the Cretaceous Period caused lasting changes to shark evolution.
  • The sharks in this film series have usually made that funny grunting/grinding noise when they attack, yet Real Life sharks don't make any vocalizations at all. Rather than a case of Noisy Nature, this is actually a side effect of Future Gil's time-travel sharknado having caused the deaths of certain ancestors of modern-day sharks, due to the meteor strikes and/or to the storm dumping them on land where they could not survive. Prior to this change, sharks in the films' Verse really did have the ability to vocalize, but the dinosaur-era shark deaths altered their gene pool enough to eliminate this ability to grunt audibly from their descendants. Any grunting/grinding heard in this film after Fin's group left the Cretaceous was produced by prehistoric sharks that'd gotten swept through time along with Gil.

The Cosmic Retcon erased the so-called Shark God from the timeline.
Since it was the cause of the sharknados in the first place, and now they never happened.

Future Robot-April is the Shark God
Or she build it. In any case, she wants to make sure things happen as she remembers them, so her utopia can exist.

Baz wasn't who he seemed.
Specifically, he was a version of Gil from a previous time loop who transformed into a different person like Bryan did. He failed to reach 2013 to stop the first sharknado, so he became Fin's close friend to be near him when the sharknadoes inevitably began. Of course, he also realized that he couldn't reveal any information about what was taking place or who he was without risking changing everything. He helped Fin as much as he could before his death to ensure his own birth in the future, with the hopes that everything would work out the next time. Ultimately, that is why "Baz" disappeared from existence after the timeline reset - Gil wasn't born yet.
  • This may be an explanation for why Gil inexplicably disappears from the film despite attempting the jump to July 11, 2013 from the 1950s. He simply failed to make it there and ended up landing in another time.
  • Alternatively, he failed to reach 2013, but his plan was still on track as far as he knew. He stayed near his father in order to stop what he thought was the first sharknado, the one that hit Los Angeles at the end of the first film. This ultimately did not erase the phenomenon from history, as it wasn't the first sharknado after all - he didn't know about the one that hit Captain Santiago's ship prior to that point. Luckily, Fin was able to correct what went wrong on the second loop.

Baz is fine in the concluding timeline.
He simply never had the chance to meet Fin, because Fin never separated from April in that timeline, so never went off on an extended surfing vacation to get his head together. It was while passing through Australia on that trip that Fin met Baz, hitting it off and eventually inviting him back to L.A. to help found his bar.

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