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Sharknado 4 will introduce a non-shark villain.
Because it's par for the course for movies like this to inevitably bring in the generic bad-guy-out-to-weaponize-the-monster/disaster/whatever by the second or third sequel, and because turning clueless bystanders, cannon-fodder allies, and a random assortment of low-grade celebrities into shark chow is bound to get boring eventually, so the producers will want a character chomped on who really deserves it.
  • This tropers guess is that either the sharks are actually aliens to come kill us due to their breathing in space. Or the guy in the first movie ranting about the government will be right because Rule of Funny
  • Confirmed with the blue whale at the end.

Sharknado 4 (or the next) will crossover with Machete.
Why? Rule of Funny and Rule of Awesome! It'll be titled Machete Kills Sharknado.
  • No, but Steve Guttenberg (as Sam Colton) returned the favor and made a cameo (and they even ran a commercial advertising the sequel to his franchise shortly after his cameo). I can't help but wonder if "all" of the Sy Fy monster films take place in one big Crapsack World.

At some point to come, a Jerkass who doesn't like Fin will get swallowed by a great white, but it won't go so well for him as it did for Nova, Fin or April.
He'll cut an opening in the shark's side, emerge far enough to sneer at the Shepherds claiming it wasn't so hard to survive that after all ... and then get yanked back into the body cavity. When Fin reaches in and drags him out, he'll retrieve a dying Jerkass with a bunch of hungry baby great whites chewing on what's left of the guy. Because this time, the shark was pregnant.

Sharknado 5 will introduce a sentient and talking leader shark as the main villain.
Because really, how else could these get even more ridiculous? For added effect, it could even have a chainsaw duel with Fin in the middle of a sharknado.
  • That would be so mind-bogglingly insane... that it would be beautiful.
  • Jossed so far as such a "leader shark" appearing in 5 is concerned. It potentially lays groundwork for confronting a similar being - an actual shark god - in 6, however.

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