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Lincoln won't die in the end
The story is about Lincoln dying. The summary states so. By chapter three we know that he's terminally ill, and that he has only two/three weeks left. It all seems to be heading to his imminent death. But many believe that he will be saved. Not only Dr House is involved in his case (although he hasn't appeared in over ten chapters), but Lisa is actively looking for a cure. She's a Nobel Awarded genius, and the fact that she's not being shown too much on the fic may be a strategy to keep her in low profile. Also, she gave Lincoln a "flu antidote", but it all seems to point out that she actually gave him a cure for his disease. Not only does it not make sense a flu antidote (Lincoln states so himself), but also her story about how he got the flu is inconsistent with what actually happened: Lisa says she found Lincoln in his cold room in the early morning, but we know for a fact that Lincoln slept with Luan in the couch that same night.

At least some of the Loud sisters will miss the moment that Lincoln dies
I already came across 2 spin-off fanfics that give their own take on the ending for Requiem, and what they both have in common is that Lincoln dies surrounded by his entire family. However, sad as it may sound, that is not the most likely thing to happen. After all, Lincoln has only been given a rough estimation; 2 to 3 weeks. So its entirely possible his passing comes at a moment at least some of his sisters or loved ones are not around.

Lincoln will give Bun-Bun to Lily
He already tried to do so when he mistakingly believed his parents were going to kick him out of the house in "Ties that Bind", so he likely will do it again now, to give her something to remember him by.

Lincolns final fate will be left ambiguous
Right now fans are pretty divided about whether Lincoln really should die in the end, or if Lisa should succeed in finding a cure. So instead of choosing one of those endings and thus alienate the other party, the story will not reveal if Lincoln dies or not. Probably, the final chapter will be set in the third week after Lincoln has been diagnosed, so he is already in the danger zone, with Lincoln just having finished all the points of Operation Farewell, and receiving Lisa's final experimental cure. There it will end, leaving it up to the reader to decide for themselves if the cure works and Lincoln lives, or if it doesn't work and he dies (but at least he has managed to give his family some final good memories of him).

Pop-Pop will appear later on, and feel guilty about Lincolns condition
Seeing how close he and Lincoln are, it would be strange for him not wanting to see his grandson one final time. And since we now know that Lincolns white hair is not something he inherited from his grandfather, but was actually caused by the tumors, Pop-Pop will feel like it is his fault that Lincoln's condition was not diagnosed earlier, since he always called him his lookalike.
  • Pop-Pop finally appears in chapter 22, but by the end of the chapter he's still oblivious to Lincolns' condition.
    • Then he finds out about it in chapter 24.

Leni is a Stepford Smiler.
As of Chapter 14, Leni has received the least amount of exposure among the five oldest sisters (who all know about Lincoln's fate). While I believe she will receive the limelight at some point, for now I propose this notion. There are two scenes that act as clues to support this idea. One is the scene in Chapter 8 when Lincoln comes downstairs to eat. He catches Leni in the corner of his eye noticeably sad as she sits at the table. Once she notices he's there, however, she jerks around and acts cheery. The other scene is in the next chapter when she drags him to her room after being cooped up alone in his to take some selfies. No indication of sadness is present and the narrator even questions the peculiar nature of Leni's attitude. While it is true that she got emotional with her other sisters in the hospital upon learning that Lincoln would die, this was before the drama that resulted in subsequent chapters (concerning Luna, Luan, and Lynn). After seeing those three devolve into dysfunction and conflict, Leni decided to swallow her sadness around Lincoln in order to make his last two weeks as happy as possible.
  • Chapter 21 reveals that Lincoln himself also suspects this, but is afraid to outright ask her because he enjoys how she still treats him normal.

Lucy will also try to save Lincoln
Just like Lisa, Lucy will try to save Lincoln's life, in her own way; through consulting the spirits and/or performing some occult ritual.
  • Most likely jossed, if chapter 17 is any indication.

Leni knows how Lincoln can still win a real trophy before his death (or at least knows which sister can help him get one)
At the end of chapter 21 she saw him look at the trophy cabinet and seems to realize how Lincoln must feel about the fact that he never won something. The chapter ends with her having a great idea. Now, his sisters could of course give him another homemade trophy, but no matter how much work they put into it, it still won't be the same as the real thing and Leni realizes this, so she will try to help him get an actual trophy.


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