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Tear Jerker / Requiem for a Loud

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Given the premise of the story, it should come as no surprise that there are quite some Tear Jerker moments in it.


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     In General 
  • Seeing how utterly devastated the Loud sisters are about the news of Lincoln’s oncoming death. Luna retreats into the garage, venting her sorrow and anger through music, Luan goes into full mime mode and refuses to speak, Lynn gets much more aggressive to the point that she starts hurting herself and actually becomes afraid to be near Lincoln, and Lori doesn't even know how to handle the situation. So far, Leni is the only one who remains her normal, optimistic self. What really makes it sad is that Lincoln finds these reactions from his sisters even worse than the fact that he is going to die.

     Chapter 2: An Unnerving Wait 
  • Lana having a brief but massive Break the Cutie moment after seeing Lincoln unconscious with blood gushing out of his nose.
  • The rest of sisters being deathly worried about Lincoln when he gets sent to the hospital, and they're all sitting in the waiting room for hours in complete silence.

     Chapter 3: House of sadness 
  • Lori comforts Luan by assuring her that Lincoln will be okay, even though she isn't exactly too sure of that herself.
  • Lincoln finally gives in to Doctor House and cries. What's worse is that he'll never play with or see this sisters grow up.
  • When Doctor house gives his farewells to Lincoln, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan and Lynn are devastated when their parents tell them that Lincoln is terminally ill, and will die in a matter of weeks.
  • The chapter ends when Lincoln extends his arms to Lori (who's at his eye level) for a hug. She gives him a very tender and tearful hug. Leni, Luna, Luan and Lynn also join the hug crying and so does Lincoln, as he shares a sad hug with them

     Chapter 7: The Weight on his Shoulders 
  • The reactions of Clyde and his dads to Lincoln’s condition.

     Chapter 8: Lincoln's Blue Period - Part 1 
  • Luan insensitively yells, "Did you already forget what happened the last time you hit him?" to Lynn after she throws a pillow at Lincoln when he accidentally walks in on her changing. This is a nod towards the first chapter, where Lynn hits Lincoln with a soccer ball that unknowingly dislodges a brain tumor blocking one of his arteries, letting him live longer. Considering that Lynn personally blames herself for Lincoln's current state, you can imagine how hard she took this. Even the other sisters were shocked by Luan's outburst (though they had every right to).

     Chapter 9: Lincoln's Blue Period - Part 2 
  • The whole scene between Lincoln, Ronnie Anne, and Cristina. Lincoln has finally mustered up the courage to tell Ronnie Anne about his condition, and then Cristina interrupts their conversation at literally the worst moment possible, leading to Ronnie Anne jumping to the conclusion that Lincoln was about to break up with her and angrily storming off.
    • From the same scene directly above, Cristina breaks down when she discovers the truth about Lincoln's condition. It turns down that she does, in fact, like Lincoln (a Call-Back to "Making the Case") and is utterly devastated to know he's going to die soon.
  • Adrien, a boy whom Lincoln befriended in chapter 5, finally succumbs to leukemia after having to deal with it for about a year and a half. Lincoln knew it was going to happen so he isn't entirely devastated by it, but his mother, though she tries not to show much emotion towards Lincoln, appears to have taken it pretty hard (especially since she acknowledges that she was the reason why Adrien never had any friends due to the both of them moving all the time).

     Chapter 10: Operation Farewell 
  • The breakfast Lincoln made for his whole family as the first step in his bucket list gets ruined by Luna and Lynn when they say that they don't want to go to school and would rather stay with Lincoln.
  • Continuing from chapter 9, the whole misunderstanding between Ronnie Anne and Lincoln. First Clyde tries to get her to talk to Lincoln again, but she angrily rebuffs him, and when Lincoln himself seeks her out, she actually hits him. It gets so bad that Bobby is eventually forced to tell her about Lincoln's condition since she clearly isn’t going to let Lincoln explain himself.

     Chapter 11: The best medicine 
  • This chapter reveals a lot about Luan, and it's not pretty. Beneath all the puns and jokes, she is a Sad Clown who is considered a freak at school, has no friends, and overall considers herself to be a worthless loser. On top of that, watching old videos of Lincoln makes her realize she doesn't have any recordings of HER having fun with Lincoln, since she is always the one doing the filming, but never joins in on any of the activities.
  • Rita breaking down in tears every 20 minutes while trying to help Lincoln write a book.
  • Lincoln seeing that Lisa is actually synthesizing some sort of enzymes and very briefly hopes she succeeded in finding a cure, before telling himself that would be too good to be true and there is no hope for him.

     Chapter 12: Nobody's fault 
  • Lynn’s growing realization that, despite her Big Sister Instinct and always defending Lincoln, she cannot save him this time. And her growing feeling that it is all her fault and she deserves to be punished for it, even going so far so tell Lincoln that he should hate her.
  • Lincoln coming to the realization that Lily won't remember him when she gets older due to her still being a baby.

     Chapter 13: Unplugged 
  • Lola's lament to Luna at how Lana is always picked over her to spend time with among the other sisters. Because of this, she considers Lincoln to be the one to always count on to hang out, so his decision to only ask Lana to help with something was the breaking point which nearly drove her to tears. Luna proceeds to join her tea party, but not before telling her what she is doing wrong.
    • Speaking of Lana, Lincoln, while not directly stating his incoming death, manages to leave something behind for her. It's even more painful when you realize, she doesn't know and even points out just how odd Lincoln is behaving.
  • Luna breaking down, to the point that she ends up drinking beer and decides to have sex with a teen named Matt (which, before you freak out, is only ever mentioned).
  • After Lori exclaims that Luna only ever cares about rock n' roll, Luna deliberately destroys her prized guitar, Chloe.

     Chapter 14: The Show Must Go On, Part 1 
  • Ronnie Anne revealing that her and Bobby's mother died in a car accident two years ago. She didn't cry at all when it happened, but she finally gave in to her emotions weeks later when she saw a mother helping her child skate at the park.
  • Luna admits that she doesn't think she can ever live without Lincoln, and wants to give up music forever because it reminds her of the fact that he'll die.

     Chapter 15: The Show Must Go On, Part 2 
  • Lisa is really pushing herself beyond her limits to save Lincoln. Lincoln catches her with a caffeine patch on her arm since she wants to stay awake longer to work on his cure. Lincoln tries to talk her out of it, to no avail.
  • Continuing from the previous chapter, Luna’s severe state of depression.
  • The climax of the chapter is a mix of tearjerkers and heartwarming moments, as Lincoln finally breaks through Luna’s defense and she gives in to the grief.

     Chapter 16: Silver Lake 
  • Lynn Sr. admitting to Lincoln that he fears he failed as a father, since he couldn’t give Lincoln the life he deserves, and finally giving in to the grief of losing his only son.

     Chapter 17: The Junkyard 
  • Oh boy, where to start? First, we learn that Lucy thinks Lincoln only came close to dying but that the doctors saved him in time, only to have that hope shattered when she finds his bucket list. Then she runs away from home to a junkyard to be alone. When Lincoln confronts her there, she drops her usual emotionless attitude and cries her heart out. Lincoln then proceeds to admit to her that he's afraid of his oncoming death, and was mostly protecting himself when he choose to keep his younger sisters locked out of the loop since he couldn't bare to see them in the same state as his older sisters.

     Chapter 18: Shared Emotions 
  • Lincoln's teacher, Agnes Johnson, actually breaks down when she tries to tell her class about why Lincoln hasn't been to school in a while. This also causes Clyde to cry too.
  • Lisa actually manages to show a slight hint of emotion when Lincoln tries to convince her to stop working on his cure.
  • Lola, in a fit of anger after her favorite dress got tattered and stained with mud, yells at Lana that she wishes she never had a twin. The reactions of both Lincoln and Lana said it all.
  • Lincoln finally manages the guts to tell Lola and Lana the truth about his condition. It would be a total understatement to say that neither of them took it well at all.

     Chapter 20: A different Lincoln 
  • Rita barely keeping herself from crying after taking a picture of her kids all having fun in the living room, with Lincoln going after her to tell her that everything is going to be okay.
  • The lunch scene has a strong sense of melancholy, with the sisters all apologizing to Lincoln for their mistreatment of him and Lincoln trying hard not to let them be blamed for anything.
  • Lynn breaks down silently but clearly on Lincoln when she tries to apologize for her constant roughhousing.
  • After staying strong for his sisters for so long, Lincoln finally breaks down crying while in the bathroom.

     Chapter 21: A Trophy for Love 
  • Lincoln mourns the fact that because of the little time he had left, he wouldn't live to stand out from his sisters. The only trophy he had received he didn't even rightfully earn, seeing it more as a trophy made entirely out of pity. Made even sadder by his realization that life offered him several opportunities to get good at something, but he let them all slip under the believe that he would get another chance later.

     Chapter 22: The Calm 
  • Lincoln is horrified when he learns that him convincing the residents of Sunset Canyon Retirment Home that they could still do anything they wanted lead to a man named Bernie breaking his hip. Worse; since his family, who can only come to visit at Christmas since they live too far away, had to pay for his hospital bills, they couldn't come last Christmas, and Bernie may not live long enough to make it to next Christmas, which means he may never see his son and grandson again in his lifetime.
  • Lincoln ultimately can't muster up the courage to tell Pop-Pop the truth about his condition.
  • Lincoln confessing to all his crimes, all the while getting angry and teary-eyed, sounds almost akin to Edd from the Big Picture Show losing it. In stark contrast to Edd, Lincoln is talking to a real person who he knows and loves. He's so tired after that, his grandfather has to hold him up.
  • Lucy waiting on a shooting star, despite the overcast sky.

     Chapter 23: The Storm - Part 1 
  • Lincolns friends invite him over to Rusty's house to hang out one last time, but it ends with a massive argument between them and Lincoln. In the end, Lincoln flees from Rusty's house, leaving him stranded on the other side of Royal Woods with no phone and his family far away.
  • Luan being unpopular at school.
  • And then comes the final line of the chapter, which crushes any last hope that Lisa's cure might have worked.

     Chapter 24: The Storm - Part 2 
  • Pop-Pop finally finds out, through Sue, about Lincoln's condition, and takes both the news and the fact that his family kept him in the dark about it about as well as you might expect.
  • Lincoln finally breaks down in Lori's arms, unable to remain strong for everyone around him any longer, and admits he is terrified of his oncomming death.

    * Chapter 25: Promises 
  • What hope there was left for Lisa to find a cure for Lincoln is gone when her last experiment results in all her test mice dying. Then Lincoln has enough, and convinces her to quit her futile attempts, and instead spend time with him while she still can.


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