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The film isn’t a "remake" it’s in fact a sequel to the original movie
It is just a coincidence that Elliott gets to help another kid named Pete.
  • Then why isn't the Elliot in this movie a cartoon character?

Someone will say "I swear I saw a dragon!"
  • Confirmed.

There'll be other dragons.
Unless Elliot's the Last of His Kind.
  • Confirmed.

The movie will bomb, get a bad review from Rotten Tomatoes and/or be listed on the So Bad, It's Horrible page.
  • Jossed. It's actually gotten far better reviews than the original - although this didn't translate to box office performance.

It takes place in or near Gravity Falls
It's a Disney production that takes place in the Pacific Northwest and has mythical creatures that get involved with children's lives. Plus those two police officers look pretty familiar.

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