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Rosa's Champion form will be Princess Fragrance...

..Since that one doesn't sound like a person that would be evil — though she looks more like a Princess from one of Disney's fairy-tale base movie to the plant creature she was turned into in the canon timeline.

Alya will be turned into Rena Rouge to fight the corrupted Fox Miraculous-user Volpina.

In-canon, Volpina was created by Hawk Moth as an Evil Knockoff of the typical wielder of the Fox Miraculous, with Alya becoming the official weilder of the Fox Miraculous Rena Rouge.

In the fanfic's canon however, the box that houses the Guardian's entire miraculous collection was stolen by the main antagonist, ready to be corrupted for a later time like the Cat Miraculous. This presents the idea that Alya will be chosen a second time by Lady Nymph to fight the good fight when Volpina (chosen to be Lila for her lying, ambitious nature) surfaces to be an accomplice to Catastrophe and become an tianshi-based copy named Rena Rouge.


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