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Rosa's Champion form will be Princess Fragrance...

..Since that one doesn't sound like a person that would be evil — though she looks more like a Princess from one of Disney's fairy-tale base movie to the plant creature she was turned into in the canon timeline.

Alya will be turned into Rena Rouge to fight the corrupted Fox Miraculous-user Volpina.

In-canon, Volpina was created by Hawk Moth as an Evil Knockoff of the typical wielder of the Fox Miraculous, with Alya becoming the official wielder of the Fox Miraculous Rena Rouge.

In the fanfic's canon however, the box that houses the Guardian's entire miraculous collection was stolen by the main antagonist, ready to be corrupted for a later time like the Cat Miraculous. This presents the idea that Alya will be chosen a second time by Lady Nymph to fight the good fight when Volpina (chosen to be Lila for her lying, ambitious nature) surfaces to be an accomplice to Catastrophe and become an tianshi-based copy named Rena Rouge.

  • Half-confirmed. While no appearance of Rena Rouge yet, Lila is currently working with Catastrophe and the Big Bad as Volpina using the Fox miraculous, having been picked as to not waste energy to corrupt another miraculous.

Nathanael will become Marinette's Secret Keeper.

May or may not be tied to getting the Peacock Miraculous.

  • The part about him becoming a her Secret Keeper is confirmed in Chapter 29.

Nathanael will become Catalyst (or an In-Universe counterpart).

Master Fu will become Catalyst (or an In-Universe counterpart).

He's already in the know.

Kagami is Ladybug.
  • Jossed. It's Chloé.

Gabriel will use the Peacock Miraculous as a third party threat.

While the Butterfly Miraculous fell into the hands of an unknown person in this continuity, it is pretty clear that Gabriel is still involved, him being able to remain composed when staring down his supervillain son and possessing the miraculous book. The Peacock is still missing, so it can be presumed that he happened upon it like in-canon, this being the reason why his wife is still "missing". Recognizing how dangerous the miraculous is, he has been holding off using it when Catastrophe and Nymph's Champions started appearing, but the reality that his son is so deeply involved in it


Odds are his motivations will remain the same at they are in-canon - get the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculous to revive his wife - but he won't have the Butterfly Miraculous to create the stupefyingly powerful foes as he did in-canon. Not only that, but he won't be nearly as active due to the damaged condition of the Peacock Miraculous, going several chapters without appearing, and will be forced to find alternatives in gaining the miraculous. Odds are he will introduce himself by amokizing one of Nymph's champions and speaking directly to Nymph through them, introducing his motives and gives her a "with me or against me" speech to her, flip-floping in using his sentimonsters to help the heroes or the villains depending on the situation.

What you want to bet the first person he uses to create a sentimonster is Audrey Bourgious, harnessing her rage at Chloe ditching the fashion show?

  • Jossed. Nathaniel happens upon the Peacock Miraculous and Alya becomes a hero with it.

Lenoir is Xue Ying.

Cat Noir will be the Token Evil Teammate (or rather an Anti-Hero) of the hero team.
When the Cat Miraculous had finished being decorrupted, it is unlikely that its corrupting influence would not leave psychological scars. While he will be The Atoner and fight for the heroes with the ring, there will be a few bad habits he had learned being a supervillain that he will need to unlearn, including prioritizing civilian safety, being willing to work with a team and not using his powers for petty personal gain.

It could either be an ongoing problem, or he could have mood-swings, switching between his canon-counterpart's lovable personality and moments where he acts less scrupulous than necessary whenever a Berserk Button is pushed.

Adrien will become Cat Blanc at some point before the Cat Miraculous has finished being purified.
  • Jossed

Felix will be Chat Blanc.

Xue Ying will recruit Felix.

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