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The series is in the same universe as If A Tree Falls
  • The one-hour episode "Camp Deaf" had Midge and Farrah working as camp counselors at a children's summer camp called Camp Warm Springs For The Deaf. The camp shares the same name as in the movie If A Tree Falls and is located in Fremont, California. It was originally founded by Freeman Goodson in 1957, the camp's previous owner and head counselor.
    • There's even a big framed black & white picture of Camp Warm Springs' first deaf campers and the old staff members dating back from 1958, the same one shown in the film.
Bailey is Danny Bonaduce's long-lost daughter
  • Bailey almost shares the same features as actor Danny Bonaduce, minus the brains. It could be easily stated that she isn't Conrad and Irma's biological daughter because none of her siblings have red hair.
    • It's been confirmed by Conrad and Irma that they both have Irish ancestry in both of their families, so it's possible that Bailey is their biological daughter. Since the physical appearances for people with Irish ancestry is red hair, green eyes and freckles, Bailey is their biological daughter, not Danny Bonaduce's.

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