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  • Actor Allusion: In one episode, Davina once mentioned that she took ballet classes when she was only 5-years-old. In real life, Amanda Schull is a former professional ballet dancer.
    • In an episode of the first season, Davina and Midge are watching a documentary called America: A Call to Greatness where Davina is featured in the film as a narrator discussing historical figures. Cassidy Rae actually did a segment in the film as a narrator back in 1994.
  • The Danza: Craig Anton as Craig Sawyer
  • Dawson Casting: Averted with the younger actors, who were about the same age as their characters, but a year older.
    • Granted, the show first started filming the first season from late 1997 to early 1998 and the cast members were the same age as their characters at the time.
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    • Played super straight with Cassidy Rae, who was 21 at the time while filming the series, portrayed a 20-year-old college sophomore in the first season.
    • Amanda Schull was 21 going on 22 while portraying Davina in the third season. Coincidently, she was also the same age as Davina during that time.
    • Sarah Drew was only 19 going on 20 when she was portraying a sophomore in the third season.
    • Even the two actresses who played the cheerleaders Roxanne and Lacey were a bit older. Roxanne's actress was 23 and Lacey's actress was 21.
    • The actors who portrayed high school and college students were either in their late teens or early-to-mid twenties at the time in the first couple of seasons and later.
  • Development Hell: The untitled spin-off series. It's not yet have a title nor hasn't it been picked up by YTV.
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  • Disabled Character, Disabled Actor: The episode "Camp Deaf" had actual deaf actors portraying deaf campers. Similarly done in the 1963 classic If A Tree Falls.
  • Dyeing for Your Art: Trestine Harper is a natural blonde, but was told by the producers that she would have to dye her hair brown because Farrah is supposed to be a natural brunette. You can tell in her first appearance that her natural blonde roots in her hair are still visible.
  • Fake American: Megan Bradley is the only Canadian-born actress in an all-American cast.
    • Basically, there has been quite a few Canadian actors that made guest appearances on the show that played Americans.
  • The Other Darrin: Davina was portrayed by two different actresses: Cassidy Rae in My Sister And Me and for the show's first two seasons and Amanda Schull from the third season to the ninth.
    • In the Pilot Movie My Sister And Me, Midge's parents are portrayed by different actors.
  • What Could Have Been: In the show's original draft, Midge didn't have four siblings, two best friends, nor being born and raised in Cloverdale. Technically, in the original draft, She was actually born and raised in Baltimore and only had one sibling, her older sister Davina. Her parents both die in a car accident and Davina now becomes her legal guardian, prompting her to move from Baltimore to Santa Monica to live with her. She starts her new life in a new town and is also a New Transfer Student. This draft was made into a Pilot Movie called My Sister And Me to see if it will sell, but once YTV picked it up as a series, the title was later changed to My Family And Me and the whole concept was retooled to Midge being born in Cloverdale, having four siblings and two best friends and having both of her parents still alive.
    • The main plot for the TV Pilot Movie My Sister And Me originally intended on being about Midge getting involved with and being kidnapped by a pedophile, but the idea of it was too graphic and the script was later changed.
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  • Working Title: Before it was called My Family And Me, the show went by three different titles: My Sister And Me (which was the name of the Pilot Movie), Living In My Sister's Shadow and Me In My Sister's Shadow.

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