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Heartwarming / My Family and Me

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  • In the series finale, Bailey shows her family the scrapbook that she made. She says the reason why she made it was because to show how much she loves and appreciates her family. They all give Bailey a group hug.
  • In "Are You There God, It's Me Midge", Midge decides to say her prayers before going to bed. She tells God about her struggles of living in her sister's shadow and trying to overcome her obstacles.
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  • In the series finale, Midge and Farrah exchange going-away gifts to each other at the airport before their departure. The gift that they get was a necklace with a locket on it that has a picture of both the girls in it. The locket says "B.F.F.L" which means "Best Friends For Life".
  • Midge serenading to Farrah at a football game in hopes of rekindling their friendship. They share their apologies and a very long hug, making everyone at the game saying "Awwwwwww!!!"
  • After Midge sees a blimp in the sky that says "Anson Loves Midge", Anson says that he's always loved her since the first day they met in preschool. Midge starts to tear up while Anson gives her a box of tissues and Midge says that she loves him too. The two share a long kiss and a hug.
  • When Chauncey is packing up to go to college in the finale, he and Garrett share their little brotherly moments together. Garrett gives him a framed photo of him and Chauncey as children and tells him to hold on to it while he's at college. When Chauncey sees the photo, he drops his bags and suitcases down on the floor to gives his brother a hug. He tells him that he's gonna miss him so much while he's in college and Garrett says the same thing too.
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  • Midge sleeps with Bailey in her bed after almost being raped by Stanley. She tells her that she will always keep her safe and that no one would ever hurt her again.
  • When Bailey finds out that Danny Bonaduce is not her real father, she tells Conrad that she's the only daddy that she'll ever need in her life and gives him a big hug.
  • Midge asks Davina who's her best friend, Davina tells her "you are". Midge tells her that she's her best friend, too and they hug each other.

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