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  • Hollywood Homely: Marianne. She's supposed to be this geeky, plain jane whose deemed undesirable to most guys, but happily averts this once Midge and Farrah give her the makeover she deserves.
    • After Midge makes her wish that she was just like her sister in the episode "Just Like Davina", Davina, who's known for her good looks and impressive figure, became this overweight, repulsive, zit-faced slouch who no one would dare to look at.
  • Les Yay: Midge and Farrah. Seriously, there's no doubt that these two gal pals are absolutely crazy about each other and are totally inseperable. They share every Friendship Moment in almost every episode.
    • In the episode "Dance The Night Away", Midge and Farrah are slow dancing with each other at the prom.
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    • In the three-parter "New Best Friend", the two girls decided to spend time apart from each other because of the lack of friends they have. Midge gives the "it's not you, it's me" speech to Farrah, prompting Farrah to ask this:
    Farrah: Midge, are you...breaking up with me?
    Midge: No, No, No, No. It's just that we need to take a break from each other. Temporarily.
    • During that same episode, a series of montages are shown with the two spending time with their new B.F.F.'s. The two are having a great time with them, but are actually missing each other and can't thinking about each other.
    • Even in part 3 of "New Best Friend", Midge is singing a what appears to be a love song to Farrah at the football game, but it's more of a friendship song. Farrah joins in singing the song and the two exchange apologies afterwards. The two share a really long hug with everyone at the game saying "Awwwwww!!!"
    • Midge tells Farrah that she loves her more than she loves Anson. Farrah gushed when Midge said that. She even says that she loves her more than she loves Todd.
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    • The finale showed a whole lot of this when Midge and Farrah are spending their entire last week together before they take off and start their new careers. The two are sharing their little heart-to-heart moments and reminiscing about their time they've had together over the course of their 9-year long friendship. The last scene of the finale took the cake when they're saying goodbye to each other. They share a very long hug and even a little kiss...ON THE LIPS!!!!
  • Nightmare Fuel: Let's see: My Sister And Me totally had us jumping off our seats when Midge keeps having dreams about how her parents died in a car accident. It showed them in the car as skeletons!!!
    • In the same movie, Byron no doubt. He has a long criminal history and a thing for younger girls. He even attempted to rape Davina in his secluded cabin so no one would hear her yell or scream for help.

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