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Monday Night Combat is actually a fan-sequel to Team Fortress 2.
It's simple. Team Fortress 2 has:
  • Some sort of respawning system.
  • Identical classes on each side.
  • The ability for two of one person to be on the map at once.
On the other hand, MNC has:
  • Mann Co. crates. At least once.
  • A crowd which gathers to watch those dang mercenariesclones fight over that spy basemoneyball.
So...either the Team Fortress 2 guys were a prototype...or the RED and BLU immortality machines finally broke down, and the new CEOs realized that there was profit to be had in the spectacle.
  • The Classes in MNC are similar to the ones in TF2.
    • Assault is the balance character, like the Soldier, but can use explosives for defense, like Demoman.
    • Tank's stats are similar to Heavy, but fights with Pyro weapons.
    • Support can control turrets like Engineer, but also heals like Medic. Gunner and Support together make a powerful team similar to Heavy and Medic.
    • Assassin has the incredible speed associated with Scout, plus can disguise and backstab(when fully upgraded) like the Spy. Assassin also happens to have her face hidden just like the spy.
    • Gunner is the Heavy [[Expy]], having a minigun, that can slowdown enemies, slows you down when it spins, and he can survive headshots, and is extremely powerful with the Support healing him, similar to Heavy being a good Medic Buddy.
    • Sniper is Sniper, right down to having the same weapons, using headshots, and having a trap to avoid backstabs.
The Assassin is horribly disfigured.
This is basically confirmed by Pitgirl, so the real purpose of this WMG is to figure out HOW exactly she's disfigured.
  • Covered in scars?
  • Ugly in the same way Deadpool is?
  • Some horrible genetic disorder?
  • She's really not disfigured at all, but Pitgirl doesn't want her stealing any of the attention?
  • Hiding her face in an act of rebellion against the corporate executives that run the world? It says in her official bio that she despises the consumerist society she has been bred to fight for the entertainment of.

The Assassin is the descendent of the RED Spy and the BLU Scout's mom.
  • I mean, she has the cloaking ability and the speed so its possible that she could have came from the Spy sleeping with the Scout's mom. Scout has to get his speed from somewhere.

The Assassin wouldn't last a day in the Outlands.
  • She desires to live as an Outlander, free of consumeristic society. However she's lived in that society all her life as a pampered superstar. She's been too well-taken care of to live in that wild, irradiated area.
    • Not if she was careful, she could adapt to it if she did it gradually.

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