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Newt will die in the movie.
Just like the infamous page 250, where he becomes a Crank and Thomas is forced to Mercy Kill him.
  • Sadly confirmed.

Alternatively, Newt will be Spared by the Adaptation.
  • Jossed.

Thomas will go against his previous vow, in the second movie, to kill Ava Paige.
The trailer has him teary-eyed while pointing a gun at her. Maybe he'll hesitate, and choose to leave with the other imprisoned Immune.
  • Confirmed in that he doesn't shoot her, but Jossed in that he leaves with the other Immune. He only went to her to confirm Teresa's claim that Thomas's blood is a real cure to the Flare. She confirms it, but is suddenly shot In the Back by Janson, killing her.

In the end, Chuck's parents will appear.
As a giant Tearjerker, they will be wondering where their son is. In response, Thomas will give them the figure that Chuck game him as he died, and tell them about Chuck's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Jossed.



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