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The film is a metaphor for social media.
Theory courtesy of a YouTube commenter!

Right from the start, there's something not right with the cowboy, nor with his hosts. Their words are polite, but their tone and body-language are aggressive and cold. He's even assumed to be racist, just for asking to enter their house! The cowboy does manage to get into the house, of course, and is then given a full house-tour...despite that Amy and John didn't even seem comfortable having him there, being that he's a stranger forcing himself into their property. From there, he sees a glimpse of their lives, including learning about their relationship status, getting a close look at a weapon they own, and even being shown all of their collected "animated sayings"— which they found online. By the end, he's learning about their families and political opinions while they're "eating" fake cookies, and then they cap it off with a round of pictures... but not before he's told about the other people in the house, who seem to be unwell, and aren't mentioned again afterward.


This is all very strange, until the connection with social media is made. On social media, people force their way into conversations or attempt to become friends with random people. Upon becoming "friends", this person will have access to a person's profile page in detail, where they can see a superficial look into their lives. People share their information on these pages, such as about their political beliefs, family, or relationship status. They also share funny memes with each other, take selfies, and even take pictures of their food. Even the weapon, which Amy happily chooses to show him, wouldn't be out of place as a picture on someone's wall- especially since very little is actually explained about it. It's just shown, and then they move on, as if the cowboy just came across it on his feed.


So, with this idea in mind, the film actually starts to make a little sense- it's about the internet and how people act on it, such as giving away personal information to strangers because they're "friends" and gladly showing off superficial photos and memes while sweeping actual important issues under the rug, much like the weapon and the other people in the house are glossed over immediately after introduction.

The cowboy is a vampire.
He cannot enter a home without an invitation. He seems unaware of human social conventions and modern realities, particularly why and how people might have non-romantic housemates and how it is possible to become estranged from the "blood bonds" of family. Despite the unfamiliar environment, he's not worried by the presence of the weapon because he knows it won't work on him. He keeps a variety of stereotypical human costumes, including the one he's wearing. In the bathroom, he needs to ask his hosts "Is this the mirror?" because he can't see his own reflection.

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