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The tribe of kids all die of radiation poisoning
They get to Sidney, but the last scene shows a large number of bald characters...
  • Doubtful, the final scene is set decades after they settled in Sidney, radiation poisoning works much faster than that, and causes far more visible symptoms than just baldness.

The Gyro Captain from The Road Warrior and Jedediah are twin brothers
Word Of God says they're not the same man, and the movies imply it since the Gyro Captain ends up leading the refinery people, but they obviously resemble each other, and both share an interest in flight.

Jedediah is the Gyro Captain's long-lost son
It would explain why the actor doesn't look significantly older even though the film is set about a dozen years after The Road Warrior.

The two tribes become separate societies.
Strongly implied as they're labelled "The Ones Who Stayed" and "The Ones Who Left".
  • Very likely. The children who left would have had no way of finding their way back to the original oasis and reuniting with the others.

Max is moved by the memory of his wife when entering Auntie's lair.
Since Jessie was an amateur sax player, Max is reminded of her when he listens to Ton Ton playing. You can see it affects him to hear the music. This would also explain why Max is mellower and more self-sacrificing than in the previous film.

Max in this film isn't Max Rockatansky.
Similar to the Legacy Character theory on the WMG page for Mad Max: Fury Road, Max in this film is not the original Max. Here, he doesn't have a knee brace, his accent is noticeably different and his personality is a lot less aloof than the original Max is, with him even speaking more.

Master-Blaster are Father and Son
It would easily explain Master's clear sentimentality when Blaster dies, and how they came to work together besides simple mutual self-interest. And also, the feels made at this interpretation is that.

Aunty Entity is an American who was stranded in Australia by the nuclear war.
It would explain her character having an American accent despite being in the middle of post-apocalyptic Australia.

Further speculating on the above, Aunty Entity is Tina Turner.
Perhaps she was on tour in Australia when the war broke out, and was able to escape to the Outback. It would explain her theatrics, as well as all of her laws rhyming like songs.
  • Aunty states she was a nobody before the collapse, which was hardly the case for Tina.

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