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WMG for the Western Animation series:

The winner of Gaming's next Top Princess was...

There will be a Spy vs. Spy spinoff by 2014
  • The 2014 part is definitely Jossed, but maybe this spinoff will be made someday.

Some Spy vs. Spy cartoons have been, or will be, recycled from the live-action MADtv series
  • Confirmed.

At some point in the future, the show will spoof My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, thus earning the scorn of the entire internet
And even if it turns out to be one of their surprisingly well-researched or affectionate parodies, the 'net will still erupt in flames over them making fun of the sacred cow that is MLP.
  • Considering this happened with Naruto fans and the Naru210 skit, this is inevitable.
  • It happened— by God, they actually did it! No word on any flame wars, though.
  • Technically, it was not a full skit with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic... so...
  • MLP was spoofed twice in the same episode, in both the Cowboys And Alien Force and ThunderLOLCats skits. Even if it's not a skit directly parodying the series itself, it still counts.
  • As a brony, I can say I wasn't at all offended by either skit :P
  • Ponies on motorcycles?
  • One skit is called "My Little War Horse". Indeed, this is the full MLP spoof we've been waiting for.
    • Tara Strong herself even had a voice in said skit!
    • Another episode parodies this show with "My Little Pwny".

In an expansion to the above there will be a pony episode a la the ape episode

There will be a Invader Zim/Grimm Crossover parody called 'Invader Grimm'
  • The idea is Nick finds out that not only is he a Grimm, he is also an Irken
    • Oh! I got one! Then Dib thinks he’s Zim and tries to hunt him down

"My Little Pwny" takes place in one of the glitched Equestrias
  • Compare the skit with any of the videos and it's eerily similar: A world just like MLP:FIM, with the same characters, but everyone has become a jerkass. Not to mention humans are present in both.

Ideas for parody sketches. Go!
Fell free to add your own parodies here

UPDATE: MAD is cancelled, meaning all these entries are Jossed. Sorry guys.

There are so many of these that we created a seperate page for them! Check out Ideas For MAD Sketches!

There will a segment called "Mad Classics" where they do animated versions of classic articles and parodies featured in the magazines
  • and they will be like they were written and drawn in the same art style.
  • Jossed, unless the series is revived.

Spy VS Spy is actually a training mission and White Spy and Black Spy are actually allies.


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