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The reason Guy died in the first game

  • Sure he was old, but maybe what finally did him in was because of Lufia. After all, she was secretly the Sinistral of Death.

Wain's grandmother was Lufia.

Arek the Absolute is THE MIGHTY GILGAMESH!!!
Not only is the Lufia series now owned by Square(even though Square continued having Neverland develop the games) and since Curse of the Sinistrals has Arek speak about only wishing to adventure with Dual Blade and serving it's mysterious desires, considering Gilgamesh's obsession with weapons it's obvious that they are one and the same!
Alternatively, Dekar is Gilgamesh
Memetic Badasses who are obsessed with swords and known to come out of rifts between parallel dimensions? Why not?

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