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The No Sacrifice Ending in Quest for Glory V is canon; and resulted in Heroine's plot.
The Prophecy of the Dragon of Doom was that it destined to only be beaten if released by being sealed with a sacrifice. The Hero did it anyways. Now, some have concluded that this was a Prophecy Twist; but if the Dragon sacrificed its life to seal itself, it is still dead. If it's not dead, then the Sacrifice part of the prophecy was false. But if it is dead, there's nothing to seal. There is no way to know what is happening, though, without lifting the seal. This narrowest of paradoxical technicalities is the only thing preventing the prophecy to be completely false.
  • This was the beginning of the end for the Norns. If Prophecy wasn't absolute, if it wasn't believed in; their power would crumble. Already signs of Götterdämmerung were becoming more likely than a Final Battle. Loki's wife, Sigyn, either died or had to be mind-controlled into her eternal watch of his torture; and replacement measures were made to create new Sigyns if she were to die or escape. Loki's mind was breaking from his torture, and his legs were too atrophied to walk even if freed. The Jotunn were no longer an army, and Fenris Wolf could be beaten by a mortal; though it is still immortal itself.

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