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Cocona is in one big Fever Dream from the very beginning of the series
I had this thought when considering the ending sequence. Namely, the Cocona and Papika we see in the ending might well be the REAL Cocona and Papika, and Cocona is stumbling from one dream to another. That's why there are no episodes which focus on Papika. She's not the one who is imagining all of this...

Papika is a dog
Papika is a dog. The big goon in episode 3 says so explicitly of her name: "I like it! It sounds like puppy-chan." and it explains her every quirk ever. The reason that she's able to stay in a human form is probably the fragment she wears attached to her ankle at all times. She was probably sent into Pure Illusion to hunt down fragments because of her tracking ability.

Cocona is, in reality, in a coma and the entire series is her mind´s attempt of dealing with her condition.
It´s pretty obvious that Pure Illusion bases itself after Cocona´s mind and thoughts as seen multiple times, and Papika can´t go there without Cocona to open the doorway for her.However, her mind is torn between two options, symbolized by the two organizations at play in the series.

A) Wake up from her coma, (Flip Flap), where the oddly scarce members of Flip Flap are representing her reason to wake up, (they´re basically symbolizing her family, with Dr.Salt as the "father", the two lab techs as both "Big brother" and "big sister" alike and Papika as the "family dog" (humanized). They´re trying to get enough initiative through gathering the amorphous to repair and "wish" for her to wake up for real, marking her desire to return back to the ones she love)


B) End the coma, aka "brain death", (Asclepsius), the part of her that would rather stay in her broken sleep, away from the harsh reality which put her in the coma to begin with, with the "White Hood"(leader) essentially representing the Doctor in charge of her case which has essentially given up on her recovery and advised her family to "pull the plug" and peacefully put her out of her misery. (the influence which formed the hoods might have come from overheard conversations from the real world, as coma-patients can still hear what´s said even if they can´t show it.) Making the Asclepsius wish within her world and their wish essentially a peaceful ending of their world and a end to the struggle of limbo she´s currently in. (Also, the Asclepius are also the most ruthless side in the setting, fully willing to cast aside the "weak" and prone to lethal violence in form of the twins towards Cocona and Papika...representing the cold professionalism of a doctor and medical team in general.)


The end will be about choose between waking up or not, with Cocona waking up in a hospital bed for the first time since whatever accident that put her there.

  • Jossed.

Cocona and Mimi are related in some way.
The fact that Papika keeps mistaking Cocona for Mimi is not a coincidence. The most likely explanation is that Cocona is a reincarnated Mimi.
  • Mimi just claimed to be Cocona's mother. Seems confirmed.

Salt is Cocona's father.
  • Confirmed

Welwitschia was Mimi's sexuality
The Amorphous is established to be parts of Mimi, and, both Welwitschia and Mimi cause Cocona to turn aggressive towards Papika and subserviant to them, almost like Welwitschia is that part of Mimi who wanted to claim Mimi for herself, at the exclusion of all other interactions. Both of them even cut Cocona off from the outside world and use her as their Dragon under their mental command. Literally, Welwitschia is that part of Mimi who wants to bind Cocona to her will and own her.

  • Alternatively, Welwitschia was born from Yayaka´s mind, as they both share the same haircolor and obsession with Cocona. The fact that the world Welwitschia appeared in was split in two halves where one was a innocent bystander and the other a rowdy marauder, might also be a reflection of Yayaka´s split alignment between a normal life and the one within the organization she worked for.

  • Word Of God is that it's Sayuri's Pure Illusion, but that doesn't explain why Welwitschia's harem are all red and blue haired girls, something that is an obsession of Mimi.

  • The Pure Illusion Welwitschia appeared in was Sayuri´s...but can the same be said about Welwitschia herself? She might have been an third element brought in through a thrid party´s influence...

The Greeters was Mimi´s My Beloved Smother mindset and the Doll in their world represented her view of Cocona.
Forever caught in doing the same thing that others wants you to do while being punished the moment you try to break free of the pattern?Mimi is quite the Control Freak in her plans for Cocona.

Cocona will follow in her father and the organization's footsteps

Mimi remained in Pure illusion and even if Salt never reveals his identity as Cocona's father.Or perhaps even more since she would seek to continue adventuring in Pure Illusion even as an adult in order to find Mimi. Even leading her to succeed the Flip flap organization if it still exists in the future. She wouldn't go as far thanks to Papika, but she probably wouldn't be much of a bag of sunshine either.

It also dosen't help that the show's ending created a key difference between mother and daughter, in that Mimi wanted to be free of Pure Illusion while Cocona embraced the world of Pure Illusion.

Yayaka and Uexkull will become heroes of their own stories.

Seeing as they are now pretty much bros after the show ended. Uexkull is probably made of amorphous seeing as the green thing can enter portals no problems and can turn into the Hulk and Yayaka has a magical girl form now. The two will likely team up to form their own adventures, fight their own Rogues Gallery, have their own supporting cast (mainly the twins and Nyunyu as support), and save the world without having Cocona and Papika becoming aware of it. The whole nine yards.

Besides it's either this or become a third wheel on Cocona/Papika.

One question remains: Is the Earth that Cocona and Papika live in the baseline reality, or just another world of Pure Illusion that happens to be slightly more sane than the rest?
We might never know...

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