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Trivia / Flip Flappers

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  • Acclaimed Flop: In Japan, Flip Flappers' first volume only sold 800 units.note  It didn't merit much discussion in Japan, but in western countries critics were more receptive to it.
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  • Amateur Cast: In the Polish dub, majority of the cast was consisting of people who hadn't have typical acting training at that time.
  • Anime First: One of several original anime that aired during the Fall 2016 Anime season.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: In the Polish dub, the opening theme was performed by Katarzyna Pietras and Oliwia Dymowska, voices of Cocona and Papika.
    • The ending theme had two versions - the first sung by Pietras and used in the odd episodes and the second sung by Dymowska and used in the even episodes. The final episode introduced the third one, performed by both actresses.
  • Tomboyish Voice: Yayaka got one in the Polish dub.

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