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Lucious won't be in prison for all of Season 2.
  • He'll probably find some way to manipulate the legal system.
  • Rhonda tells Andre that since there's little to no evidence of Bunkie's murder, Lucious' case will get thrown out unless Vernon shows up as the prosecution's star witness. Which he won't, because Rhonda accidentally killed him in the season one finale.
  • Confirmed as of 2.02, after he finally gets out on bail.
Rhonda found out she was pregnant in the eighth episode.
While at Carl's house (IIRC), Rhonda threw up at the thought of sleeping with him. But what if that was just the nausea that is common during pregnancy? It's likely that she could have taken a pregnancy test when she got home, knowing pregnancy was a possibility.
  • It's likely she found out before the White Party. Notice all the alcohol at the party, and notice how she doesn't drink even a sip.
Rhonda's baby is not really Andre's.
We know Rhonda's slept with people besides Andre, to help further Andre's career. It is possible that she didn't always use a condom, in which case it is somewhat possible that the baby is not, in fact, Andre's, but one of his political rivals. Given the type of show this is, it is definitely a possibility.
Lucious is purposefully giving Jamal bad advice on how to run the company.
  • He probably knows that he won't be in jail for long without any solid evidence, so he's biding his time by pitting Jamal against his mother and brothers (especially Hakeem), so it'll be easier for him to retake Empire Records when he gets out.
Andre inherited his bipolar disorder from Lucious' mother.
  • The flashback Lucious had was to his childhood, showing his mother on a rare good day. He sees in Andre the same illness that took over his beloved mother, and that's why he's been so distant towards Andre, because he's not emotionally strong enough to watch the same thing happen to his eldest son.
In the second half of Season 2, Hakeem will be a semi-Big Bad while Anika will be worse .
  • Jossed. Anika was killed by Andre at the end of the season 4 finale.


Each of the major foreign powers represent a dominance of a political part of the Empire, each of the minor foreign powers represent a part of the game, and each of the barbarians a way that the Empire is viewed
  • First, major factions-
    • The Commonwealth is dominance of the military council - the resources of a nation are controlled by the generals, and they divide them up for conquest
    • Sumaah Republic is the dominance of the Synod. They can veto as much as they want, and rule over peoples lives absolutely. This is power that the Synod would dream of having.
    • Sarcophan Delves represent the dominance of the Bourse - all that matters for power is money, nothing else. Merchants are free of any obligation, bar that to pay their dues.
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    • The Principalities of Jarm represent the Conclave dominant. They ban weapons that can hurt mages on the battlefield, and magicians are free to ply their craft without interference of priests or lords.
    • The Asavean Archipelago is were the Senate is unchecked. The vast majority of the population is controlled in the system of slave government, and geography prevents any invasion, so are free for petty political squabbling.
  • Next, minor factions -
    • The Iron Confederacy have no interest in commerce, magic, and their religion is completely opposed to the empire. They are focused on instead on conquest. As such, they represent the martial part of the game - fitting in battles and skirmishes.
    • Faradan focus on trade and commerce - they represent the trading game at Anvil, outside of the Bourse
    • Axos have put huge amounts of effort into understanding and summoning the dead spirits, and holds knowledge the Empire lacks - they represent the investigative game, looking at the mysteries of the world.
    • Skoura are famous crafters - they represent the artisan game.

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