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Headscratchers / Empire

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The Series:

  • In the three months between Seasons One and Two, Jamal has broken up with Ryan and got back with Michael. Fair enough, but Michael is suddenly working for GLAAD now? Wasn't he going to culinary school before?
    • Being the boyfriend of an extremely high-profile gay celebrity might have resulted in his recruitment.
  • Roxanne Ford withholding Lucious's medicine? Isn't that illegal and couldn't she lose her job?
    • It's not meant to be a conflict between Black and White Morality but a conflict of Gray and Gray Morality. Roxanne Ford is a corrupt DA willing to use whatever means necessary to get her high-profile case resolved. Besides, in RL, there's plenty of questionable tactics to pressure suspected felons.
  • If Lucious getting Olivia pregnant was to make Jamal commit to the marriage fully, how come Lola wasn't in the lives of the Lyon Family then?
    • Because Jamal had enough of the sham marriage and divorced her before knowing she was pregnant.

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