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Nightmare Fuel / Empire

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TV Show

Season 1

  • Lucious' reaction to toddler Jamal trying on his mom's heels and scarf - he stuffs his own son in the garbage can. All while Cookie begs for him to stop and has to fight him off before she can rescue Jamal.
    • And the worst part? This actually happened to the co-creator Lee Daniels.
  • Lucious murdering Bunky. His best friend since cold blood
  • Andre, who is now off his meds, nearly attacks his younger brothers when they are stuck in an elevator.
  • After taking the treatment to keep mysthenia gravis at bay, Lucious begins to talk in his sleep, and hallucinates the murdered Bunkie on his bed, laughing at him, and promising to kill him. Lucious' reaction is arguably equally terrifying as it is awesome, and a horrified Cookie's reaction to suffocate him with a pillow in his sleep also adds on more Paranoia Fuel.

Season 2

  • Cookie and Carol's reactions when Jermel's severed head along with a rose is delivered to them from Frank Gathers.
  • Frank Gathers tries to have Lucious killed ("Make it quick and quiet"), only to find out that almost every prisoner in there is on Lucious' side. Lucious then tells them to kill Frank. We don't see it, but we do see hear screaming in agony off screen.
    Lucious: Make it long. And loud.
  • The end of "Poor Yorick" has the attorney finding Vernon's rotting corpse in the passenger seat of her car.

Season 4

  • Jamal beating the hell out of Warren. Like Father, Like Son, indeed.
  • Anika's hallucination of Rhonda. Her Black Eyesof Crazy would drive anyone to jump into wine.
    • While Anika deserved it, the way she died was gruesome, considering how she fell on glass and started bleeding.


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