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The Most Popular Girls in School and Dr. Havoc's Diary exist within the same universe.
It's just Dr. Havoc takes place in a much more futuristic era.
  • No, Dr. Havoc is not at all futuristic; Kim and Havoc first met in 1996, and Ally was born four years after (2000).

Ally is a descendant of Brittnay Matthews.
  • Jossed as of Episode 18.

There will be a Crossover episode with The Most Popular Girls in School.
Going by the theory that the two shows from the same creators do not take place in the same universe.

In an alternate dimension, Dr. Havoc and Kim Havoc are:
Mackenzie Zales and Shay Van Buren. Think about it: both are an
Odd Couple consisting of a Workaholic and an Entitled Bitch.

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