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J.C. Is A Made-Up Character
  • The proof is in the inconsistencies.
    • In a more recent couple of calls, J.C. had allegedly finally captured Edna. However, in subsequent calls, it seems that he's either on a sting operation stalking her or he's still trying to find her.
    • In one call, Art demands J.C. to tell him why he calls himself "J.C". However, in an earlier call, "J.C." was the name Art chose for the guy (...'How about we call you, J.C.?...).
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    • J.C.'s theory about how Global Warming is happening involves Hell becoming extra-hot and overheating the Earth (he literally thinks Hell's in the Earth), he mentions this to Art Bell. In a later call, when J.C. brings it up again, Art denies that J.C. ever mentioned it before.
  • J.C. and Edna are supposed to be elderly yet they both seem to be immortal.
    • Edna is described as being in her mid-80's, however she has been that age for years. The whole "Edna" plotline dates from the late Nineties/early Oughties. She would have to be at least in her mid-late 90's by now. J.C. himself would be pretty ancient, too.
    • While it's possible that J.C. is really delusional, Edna is described by herself in an alleged letter J.C. received from her as having a wild and crazy party animal sex life, getting laid with loads of bikers and having threesomes. While it's not impossible for an elderly person to be that way ('Lemon Party' comes to mind), it still sounds far-fetched.
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  • J.C. runs a compound with a bunch of followers. However, no one in real life knows where this place is and it's location is never revealed.
  • J.C.'s pronouncements are sometimes quotes from pop-culture that he would (presumably) be against / not aware of...
    • He goes on a horrifically bigoted tirade...which sounds an awful lot like the lyrics to "Waiting for the Worms" by Pink Floyd.
    • He later goes on a misogynist tangent that quotes Margaret White, "EVE WAS WEAK!....SHE WAS CURSED WITH THE CURSE OF BLOOD!..."