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David Laughlin eventually catches up with Veronica Neary to tell her that Roy is gone and they have a fling.
Sorry, Bob Balaban and Teri Garr have a date in Ghost World. Had to connect it up in my head somehow...

The aliens offered several choices for meeting sites - that's why the people in India were singing a slightly different song.
America obviously won the bidding process.
  • Or something similar happened in India and the other places, and we just didn't see that part.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind is set in the same universe as Falling Skies.
The tall aliens from the series look like the tall aliens from the movie. After the aliens had the peaceful meeting in Wyoming in the 1970s, they backed off and planned their invasion. (And
Steven Spielberg is involved with both works, too!)
  • The five planes returned at the beginning of the movie had been missing in 1945, and they were returned 30 years later in the 1970s. The events of Falling Skies happen 30 years after the 1970s. Looks like that's the travel time to their homeworld.
    • Interestingly, if you subscribe to the theory of the aliens in this movie being The Grays, then they supposedly come from the Zeta Reticulii star system, which is indeed around 30 light years distant.

Despite the benign contact, the CE3K aliens left our world open for the Predator race.
For all their ginormous gee-whiz mothership, these aliens are probably not the only intelligent species out there. They may have shared their knowledge about Earth people and their habits with other races, possibly thru trade or politics, and the more aggressive Predator race decided to come check out just what we were made of. Certainly the CE3s would have noted the many major wars such as Korea, Vietnam, etc.; some of their "captives" included the Flight 19 pilots, who would have told them plenty about their training.More disturbingly, it is not impossible for a few of the CE3 aliens to express a growing dismay over the destructive nature of Earthlings, and the risk we might pose if we ever fully explore space. One may have let slip the Earth mission to the Predator race, letting them know just where we were and what to expect. The Earthlings taken onto the ship might have ended up having to spar with young Predator warriors.

This was supposed to be the original opening to Men in Black
The story in how the MIB was formed was as shown: Federal Agents, Astronomers and One dumb kid meeting Aliens. The Army are the federal agents, Claude is the Astronomer and Roy Neary was the dumb kid.
  • Only the movie takes place in Present Day 1977 while the MIB was founded in 1968.
  • But then, how were all those scientists able to settle up all their gee-whiz equipment, and there was a lot of it, so efficiently and secretly? Maybe this was an early MIB mission, let the well-wishers have their gabfest with the "good aliens", while the real brains deal with the darker stuff.

The aliens were using their mind control at the landing by Devil's Tower.
The aliens were emitting a "sense of wonder" mind control. No one -
no one - advances to the aliens and attempts to make verbal contact. No one asks why the people were abducted through the years. No one brings up the fact that these people are being dropped off, some 40 years past when they were abducted. People just stand there: "Golly-gee-wow-jeepers".

Of course there's even precedent for their mind control powers. They put a suggestion into Roy Neary's and all the other contactees heads.

It was a cultural exchange program.
The aliens took a bunch of people in order to learn about human culture and society and returned them when they were done asking questions. Then they decided to show willing by holding a concert.

ET The Extraterrestrial is set in the same universe as this film.
Spielberg has said ET was "kind of" a sequel, but it could stand there as one on its own merit. See, after first contact in the 1970s in the first movie, the government has been watching the skies. They detected ET's ship landing and sent a group to investigate, this being the first time aliens have landed since the 1970s. ET, of course, is a completely different race from the other aliens and they may or may not know about each other. This explains why the humans were aware of the landing and why they already had devices to scan for alien traces, and all the stuff all ready to roll to close off a house with plastic for study. Keys said he's been dreaming about this since he was a kid - that's because he wasn't at the 1970s landing himself, so he's still never seen a real space alien. Humans want to study an alien because the 1970s crew didn't drop off a body of theirs for us to study.

The alien who comes out at the very end to exchange the Kodaly hand-signals with Lacombe is the "Lacombe" of the aliens' contact team.

The events of the film are the first step in an Alien Invasion
The aliens spent years kidnapping military and civilians to learn about the Earth's military capabilities. Then they drop off their captives under the guise of First Contact, but its really to get more test subjects and to release the hidden alien bioweapon they've hidden in their original victims among the populace. Meanwhile they learn that their brainwashing weapon worked almost flawlessly.

The Aliens are not just played by Children....
They are Children. They kidnapped Barry because after years of kidnapping adults, they wanted to interact with children their own ages.

The Aliens are figuring out this whole "consent" thing
First they straight up took humans who had no idea what was going on. From studying and interacting with them, they eventually worked out that not all of them were thrilled with the situation, went "Oops", and returned them. Yes, decades have passed since some of the abductions, but the lack of aging suggests that FTL travel was involved, so just as little time has passed for the aliens and they were actually quite quick in recognizing their faux pas.

This time when they visit, they instead plant the idea of coming along with them in some humans to see what happens. Despite what some viewers seem to think, this isn't straight up mind control; not only is Jillian content with just getting Barry back, but the other people rounded up cooperate with the military and allow themselves to be evacuated, which they wouldn't have been able to do if the aliens had overridden their free will. Nevertheless, Roy's breakdowns show that it's still a pretty unpleasant thing to experience, so by studying him they will realize they made another little whoopsie.


Now that they have successfully made contact with humanity and established some basic communication, their next visit will be a lot less...intrusive.


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