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Irrefutable evidence right there.

The monsters in the Repulsion Zone are humans mutated by the zone's hostile environment.

  • For: When LaPinsky returns from a month in the Repulsion Zone, tests show that she has 'parasitic tissues' in her body, and one of her eyes is very obviously similar to the Repulsion Worm's.
  • Against: It's impossible that humans could've made contact before Pulse Tech's experiments, as LaPinsky is presumably the first human to make contact with the zone.
    • Counterpoint: It could be argued that Pulse Tech is the first organisation to contact the Repulsion Zone, while perhaps, knowing Colkinom logic, humans may have stumbled across it in the past, by freak undocumented accident, or ancient technology.


Bunny is a robot created by Dr. Helga LaPinsky. She ate her creator and escaped.

  • For: It explains how Bunny is so skilful and good at fighting.
  • For: It isn't a stretch to imagine Bunny eating her creator. She eats a lot of people. Also, LaPinsky is nowhere to be seen in the comic, and this explains that.
  • For: Her behaviour isn't unlike a malfunctioning robot.
  • Against: She bleeds, and cries, on more than one occasion, which is very unrobotlike.
  • Against: With all the blood and fluids she consumes, she'd have shortcircuited by now.
  • Against: Dr. LaPinsky is a psychologist.
  • Against: Bunny's cannibalism is being written out in the Chapter 1 redraws.


Bunny works for Komodo

  • For: Bunny knows a lot about Komodo, and Caligula remarks that she talks about him 'like she knows him'.
  • For: Bunny's knife having a reaction to Caligula's swords may not be a coincidence; if they were both made by PulseTech, why would Bunny have the knife?
  • For: She escaped the cell by typing in the code. How did she know that code?
  • Against: She could've just stolen the knife, and could've met Komodo, but not worked with him. She is, like, his nemesis.

A la Fight Club, Bunny is a figment of Chopper's imagination, or vice versa.

  • For: Chopper has been known to hallucinate, and Bunny's mental health is no oil painting either.
  • For: The two seem to be opposites - Chopper could invent a character to project his anger and violent feelings onto, while Bunny could imagine a friend to protect and justify her actions.
  • Against: They've both been seen interacting with each other and other characters independently. It doesn't make sense.

Gehren Island is Hell and Komodo is Satan, All the characters are dead. This is their punishment.

  • For: Some characters, such as Big Blue, are depicted with religious imagery, such as halos of light.
  • For: Being satan would really explain Komodo's wealth, power and omnipresence.
  • For: Gehren Island is inescapable and 'miles from anywhere'. Sounds like Hell.
  • Against: Komodo doesn't seem to be punishing anyone, really, he's just having a laugh.
  • Against: A lot of the characters seem to be genuinely good, undeserving people.
    • Counterpoint: Unless their sin is greed. They were offered a large sum of money for participating in the 'experiment'.

Komodo is a failed test subject from Bionic Badger

Komodo is the result of a failed bionifying experiment from the Colkinom film Bionic Badger, before Excoffon Labs moved onto badgers.
  • For: A scene from the film shows an 'experiment log' of the bionifying attempts on crocodiles, alligators, slow worms, and... a komodo dragon. It says that the bionifying process caused the reptile to take on a humanoid form and escape. This... is feasible.
  • Against: It's likely that this was only a joke.
    • Dr. Maricela Mayo - acted by the creator of Bunny: Gore Justice - was quoted to say that she 'won't accept this'.

Glan Basingstoke Theory

The original. The theory is that Glan Sterling/Chaos Master from Sevens Crew Origins and Slug Man is Rupert's son.

  • For: Rupert and Glan are both redheads in green. Not unusual, but Glan's alleged father, F. Sterling, has dark hair; since ginger hair is caused by a recessive gene, it's unlikely - but not impossible - that F. Sterling is the true father.
  • Against: The creator of Slug-Man and Sevens Crew Origins has repeatedly refused to accept the theory as canon.

Ruplan Sterlingstoke Theory

A better variation on the Glan Basingstoke Theory. This theory states, instead, that Rupert is Glan Sterling, but grown up in an alternate universe, or 'colkiverse'.
  • For: Again, both are redheads in green, and their similar choices of clothing colour is more likely due to them being the same person than related.
  • For: Bunny: Gore Justice is confirmed to exist in a 'bad universe' version of Slug-Man's universe, so the seperate 'Colkiverse Theory' is, in itself, true - it is possible that Glan grew up to be Chaos Master in the 'good' universe and Rupert in the 'bad' universe.
  • Against: Glan is confirmed to, in the 'bad' universe, have been captured by the SGA (Shady Government Agency) and brainwashed, leaving him little time to become a surgeon.

Rupert Gordonson Theory

In the same vein as Glan Basingstoke, this assumes that Rupert is the brother of Jonah and Jordan Gordonson of Slug-Man and other Colkinom titles.
  • For: Again, redheads in green.
  • For: The age gap is more feasible; being Glan's father would mean Rupert is in his 40s-50s, while being a Gordonson leaves more possibility that he is younger, which isn't implausible.

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