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Possible new civilizations

With the HD expansions adding 13 more civilizations, as well as the HD version's campaign menu to reflect said expansions, there's a possibility for a couple more. In the event of a new expansion:
  • The Armenians (another standout Christian kingdom during the Age of Empires II time period who had close ties with the Byzantines, and had a strong Golden Age kingdom even, their tech tree would most likely be designed more like a Jack-of-All-Trades civilization).
  • The Balts (although the name largely applies to Baltic peoples, particularly the Lithuanian kingdoms, the civilization can also be an amalgamation with the Poles and other western Slavs (mostl Poles), who are culturally distinct from the umbrella Slavs civilization)
    • Somewhat confirmed. Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition will add the Lithuanians.
  • The Georgians (a standout among the Caucasian nations, that on numerous occasions routed the Seljuk Turks; to reflect their Golden Age achievements, they would have Monk-related bonuses)
  • The Karluks (an umbrella for Turkic peoples east of the Golden Horde (incl. Uighurs, Uzbeks), also having influenced the various Mongol empires (especially Tamerlane))
    • Jossed. Besides, including Uighurs in any form will probably get the game Banned in China
    • It appears that they actually will appear after all as the umbrella Tatars (see below). The architecture is influenced by the Timurids and the Tatar campaign centers around Tamerlane.
  • The Swahili (the Swahili coast was a particularly influential hub of commerce, maintaining contact with Bantus, Arabs and (eventually) Europeans)
    • Jossed. The Swahili people didn't play a major role in this timeframe. Besides the "Ruins of Empires" scenario in the Portuguese campaigns have the Swahili people represented by the Malians and Ethiopians.
  • The Swiss (another significant civilization in Europe around the medieval time period, as it consisted of a confederation of city states. Many Swiss armies served as mercenaries during the medieval period, mostly for the Vatican City)
  • The Tamils (it took centuries for them to be absorbed in the greater India, and not all of the subcontinent employed camels for warfare.)
  • The Tatars (mostly the Golden Horde, but also including the various Eastern European Turkic people ranging from the Bulgars to the Kazakhs; they would have siege bonuses)
    • To a degree confirmed for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. Bulgarians are a separate civilization, and rather than focusing on Europe, the Tatars also cover Central Asia to refer to the Turkic peoples that fought alongside the Mongols. The architecture is inspired by what is still seen today in Uzbekistan and the civilization campaign centers around Tamerlane.
  • The Wends (Westernized Slavs, particularly including Bohemia and Poland, and to give them a distinct identity from the Slavs which are more based on the Kievan and Muscovite Rus')

With Lithuanians, Cumans, Tatars, and Bulgarians added as the 4 new civliizations, the rest of the potential new civilizations are jossed, as Word of God said that they're done with adding new civilizations because the HD expansions are already saturated with new civilizations.


All of the new civilizations in the Definitive Edition will have access to Paladins and Heavy Cavalry Archers with Parthian Tactics
  • Since the new civilizations (Cumans, Bulgarians, Tatars, and Lithuanians) were historically known for their cavalry, it's very likely that all four of the civilizations will have access to Paladins and Heavy Cavalry Arhcers with Parthian Tactics.
  • Or at the very least, the Central Asian civs get Parthian Tactics (both get the lanced Steppe Riders, so there will be balance-based considerations), Lithuanians get Paladins (they're better-known for light/heavy cavalry than horse archery) and Bulgarians get both (especially given the heavy Slavic and Turkic influences)

Several scenarios in the campaigns (particularly the Forgotten campaigns) will be reworked in the Definitive Edition.
  • Much like Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition will have several of the scenarios in the older campaigns reworked to fit the more modern standards of the Age of Empires 2 HD campaigns. In particular, many of the scenarios in the Forgotten campaigns will be made easier and less tedious than the HD version.
  • Just 'recasting' old campaigns with filler civilizations with civs that were included in the expansion and giving them the correct AI would change the gameplay somewhat. For example, playing against Slavs and Italians in Barbarossa, Tatars and Slavs in Genghis Khan, or Berbers in El Cid.
    • There could even be player changes because of historical reasons. For example, GK 3 has the Tanguts and Xi Xia as different factions when they were the same kingdom (Tangut people, Xi Xia dynasty), Hattin had no British soldiers (but there were Italians), Barbarossa did not invade Poland but Henry the Lion invaded the Slavic Wends and Pomeranians, etc.
  • Confirmed regarding the Italian cities in the Barbarossa campaign. Everything else is on the air.

Several civilization tech trees and civilization bonuses in the Definitive Edition will be reworked to be more "historically accurate."
  • It's very likely that many of the original and HD civilizations will have their tech trees and their civilization bonuses be reworked to be more "historically accurate." One example could be the Chinese civilization will be reworked from being a Jack-of-All-Trades civilization, to a civilization that's more specialized in ranged units and siege weapons with the Chinese having access to Hand Cannoneers and Bombard Cannons note  in exchange for a weaker infantry and cavalry frontline (i.e. lack of Bloodlines).

The scenario editor in Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition will be have more features than the scenario editor in the HD edition
  • The scenario editor will be more complex when compared to the HD edition. There will be additional triggers and effects that will allow unique tricks such as making units invulnerable, or allow the terrain to be changed. It's also likely that the devs will add a feature that will allow the custom scenario designer to build an AI from the spot with more simplistic features rather than having to code the AI itself.

The Definitive Edition will have modding support that will allow modders to add new civilizations, units, techs, buildings, etc.
  • Since the developers confirmed that they will not add any more civilizations after the Definitive Edition release, the devs will most likely add modding support that will allow modders to add their own civilizations on their own so that the fanbase will stop bothering them on adding more civilizations (since modding HD is only limited to modding existing civilizations or editing unit/building textures). It's also been confirmed by the developers that there will be modding support beyond just editing textures and user interface, so that's a possibility.

In the DE, Byzantines will speak Greek and Italians will speak Tuscan
They currently use the same voices (faulty Latin) due to the first introduction of the Italians in a fan mod that reused the Byzantine lines, and modders can't change one without the other. In addition, people have been complaining that Byzantines had Greek as their official language for most of the Medieval period, since the game came out. Since they are redoing the game from scratch including all dialogues, it makes sense that they'd put this issue to rest just like they did with the enduring requests to give the Byzantines the Mediterranean building set. It's more debatable if they'd go as far as getting a Gothic speaker for the Goths, though.

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