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Realm of the Titans is a Dota-style game made by Ningbo Shengguang Tianyi. It follows the usual Defense of the Ancients formula, but adds in a few interesting twists, such as "Boss Monsters", who cause a great deal of destruction.

The Story is that many years ago, there was a peaceful paradise called Omeka. However, 500 years ago, it was devestated in a great war between "Guardians" and "Harbingers". The Guardians won but the land itself was never the same. The Guardians begged the Titans, their Gods to prevent it from ever happening again. They normally cannot interfere in the affairs of mortals, but listened. They summoned a group of Heroes, who are great and strong, and can only be defeated and matched in power by another Hero; to defend the land should another war happen again, all was well.

But... The Harbingers didn't take their defeat that well, and begged their Titans for a similar blessing. In Humiliation and anger, they summoned their own Heroes. Both sides prepared for another great war, building up their energy and training their heroes.

This kept going on for about 500 years. However, the land could no longer take the amount of power built up and it split in two, creating a great chasm. Unsurprisingly, the Harbingers took this chance to start making a forward march, with the Guardians in defense, another Great war has begun.

You play as a Titan controlling a Hero, with certain Titan Spells to give you an advantage, and it will feature a shop similar to another Dota-style game, allowing you to buy Heroes and skins for heroes you use a lot.

Visually, it is similar to League of Legends.

This game features examples of:

  • Hanging Judge: Demon Judge. He doesn't even listen to the defense. He sentences them to death, or torture THEN death.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: Flame Wing. His aim was so well that he managed to nail a dragon in the wing from a fair distance away. The dragon was so impressed with his aiming skills that he awarded Flame Wing with armor, wings, and a bow.
  • Making a Splash: Tide Hunter specializes in water. Appropriate since he is A Fish Man