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Video Game / Forget Me Not Annie

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Forget Me Not Annie is an Indie horror game released in the early 2000's.

You play as a little girl named Annie who is living in a mental institution. She has a teddy bear named Howard whom she clings to. The doctors that are taking care of her say that she has to let Howard go if she is ever to get better and live a normal life. However, things are not what they appear to be and there is a dark secret keeping Annie restrained.


This Game Contains Examples Of:

  • Antagonistic Offspring: It's implied that Annie was sent to the mental institution because she was blamed for her mother's murder.
  • Creepy Child: Annie, if the Split Personality interpretation is true.
  • Creepy Doll: Howard. At one point, he forced Annie to say "I love you".
  • Demonic Possession: An interpretation of Howard's connection to Annie. Also Lampshaded when he says that he's tired of sharing this crowded body.
  • Platform Hell: You have to navigate through various platform areas. Have fun!
  • Psychic Child: Annie can use telekinesis and can switch places with Howard.
  • Split Personality: Another interpretation of Annie and Howard's connection.
  • Toxic Friend Influence: Howard seems to be a negative influence on Annie. During one of the cutscenes with Annie's doctor, Howard convinces her that the doctors want to hurt Annie while the doctor tries to convince her that he only wants to help her.
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  • Used to Be More Social: Before Howard, Annie had friends that she hung out with.


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