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Firan MUX is a text-based MMO that has been around since 1997, and was still fairly popular until late 2013 despite the outdated format. Its popularity waned at that point until its closing in August of 2014.

Set in a fictional world of Aerval during the early Iron Age, the Firan people face a dangerous enemy called the Shamibelians. The Shamibelians are large, orange-skinned, horned humans with little mercy for other races or cultures. Roleplay-based, gameplay revolves around the Firans war with this enemy, while also trying to deal with feuding clans and their own ambitions for wealth, fame and power.


The main focal point of the game is the city of Anarinuell, the capital city of the Republic where representatives from each of the eight clans live.

Firan MUX provides examples of:

  • Accidental Marriage: Bannos and Shara end up accidentally married during the tabletop RPG days when they sleep together in a Ticanee tent.
  • Church Police: The True Temple of Zutiv has the Inquisitors, whose job it is to investigate citizens of the Hydra and Gold Dragon clans and ensure they are keeping up their religion properly.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: The gods love to do this. The standard favourite for mortals gone astray is to turn them into statues, but it can vary to things like turning a woman into a man, or making the priest of love into a hideous, puss-faced slob.
    • While less common, some of the in-game leaders do this. It's a means to promote roleplaying instead of killing off the character or long prison terms.
  • Fantastic Racism: One of the major themes of the game, Shamibelians are nicknamed 'goats', due to their horns. Firans are largely xenophobic of all races, although over time, that has mostly been focused on anyone orange or horned.
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  • Loads and Loads of Characters: The game has a roster of available characters to play, and encourages new players to select from this list rather than create their own character. With a breeding system that supplies new possible characters, this was inevitable. Even in the earlier days, though, there were loads of available choices.
  • Long Runner: Considering most text-based games died with the rise of MMOs, it has lasted remarkably long.
  • Not So Extinct: Griffons were initially considered to be myths by the Firan people before the Shamibelians invaded. Then they swoop down from the backs of griffons. By the start of the game, griffons had become common enough that they have their own division in the army.

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