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Vanuatu, formerly the New Hebrides, has the dubious honor of having been the only territory controlled jointly by France and Britain. The islands are known for being home to a strange Cargo Cult in which they worship a fictional American soldier named John Frum in the hope that he will return and give them presents, and although the followers of the cult originally favoured independence, they later became worried that Vanuatuan independence would somehow turn them all Christian. They became independent in 1980.

For some weird reason they also worship Prince Phillip.

The country is right above a tectonic plate clash, so you can expect earthquakes frequently.

Media set in Vanuatu
  • Oscar-nominated Australian film Tanna was set on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu, with an amateur cast filled with locals.
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  • The ninth season of Survivor was set in Vanuatu.

The Ni-Vanuatu flag
The red and green halves symbolize blood and natural bounty, respectively. Running in between is a black triangle and bar, representing the people. The yellow Y-shape represents the islands' distribution in the Pacific Ocean, and its color signifies the light of Christianity. At the hoist is a boar's tusk, symbolizing prosperity, and within its circle are a pair of fern fronds, signifying peace.


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