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Useful Notes / The Beautiful Provinces of Nederland

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Contrary to popular belief, the term "Holland" is not actually the name of the whole country, but the name of two of the twelve provinces of The Netherlands. The Netherlands consists of 19 subdivisions, of three sub-categories: 12 provinces in the mainland, 3 special municipalities and 4 countries (the latter two are in the Caribbean).

Each of the provinces have three parts of their own government: the States-Provincial (Provinciale Staten), the Provincial-Executive (Gedeputeerde Staten) and the King's Commissioner (Commissaris van de Koning).

The folders below are listed in Dutch-language order.

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Capital: Assen
Largest City: Emmen
Area: 2,680km (1,030mi)
Population (2020): 493,682
King's Commissioner: Jetta Klijnsma

Capital: Lelystad
Largest City: Almere
Area: 2,412km (931mi)
Population (2020): 423,021
King's Commissioner: Leen Verbeek

Capita and largest city: Leeuwarden (Ljouwert)
Area: 5,749km (2,220mi)
Population (2020): 649,944
King's Commissioner: Arno Brok

Capital: Arnhem
Largest City: Nijmegen
Area: 5,136km (1,983mi)
Population (2019): 2,084,478
King's Commissioner: John Berends

Capital and largest City: Groningen
Area: 2,960km (1,140mi)
Population (2020): 586,309
King's Commissioner: René Paas


Capital and largest City: Maastricht
Area: 2,210km (850mi)
Population (2019): 1,118,223
King's Commissioner: Johan Remkes (acting)


Capital: 's-Hertogenbosch (aka Den Bosch)
Largest city: Eindhoven
Area: 5,082 km2 (1,962 mi2)
Population (2019): 2,562,955
King's Commissioner: Ina Adema


Capital: Haarlem
Largest city: Amsterdam
Area: 4,092 km2 (1,580 mi2)
Population (2019): 2,879,527
King's Commissioner: Arthur van Dijk


Capital: Zwolle
Largest city: Enschede
Area: 3,421 km2 (1,321 mi2)
Population (2019): 1,162,406
King's Commissioner: Andries Heidema


Capital and largest city: Utrecht
Area: 1,560 km2 (602 mi2)
Population (2019): 1,354,834
King's Commissioner: Hans Oosters


Capital: Middelburg
Largest city: Terneuzen
Area: 1,560 km2 (602 mi2)
Population (2019): 383,488
King's Commissioner: Han Polman


Capital: 's-Gravenhage (aka Den Haag; English: The Hague)
Largest city: Rotterdam
Area: 3,308 km2 (1,277 mi2)
Population (2019): 3,708,696
King's Commissioner: Jaap Smit

    Special municipalities 

Capital (and largest city): Kralendijk
Area: 294km (114mi)
Population (2020): 20,104
Lieutenant Governor: Edison Rijna

Capital (and largest city): The Bottom
Area: 13km (5mi)
Population (2020): 1,933
Lieutenant Governor: Jonathan Johnson

Sint Eustatius
Capital (and largest city): Oranjestad
Area: 21km (8mi)
Population (2020): 3,138
Lieutenant Governor: Marnix van Rij


Capital (and largest city): Oranjestad
Area: 193 km2 (75 mi2)
Population (2020): 116,576
Governor: Alfonso Boekhoudt
Prime Minister: Evelyn Wever-Croes

Capital and largest city: Willemstad
Area: 444 km2 (171 mi2)
Population (2020): 158,665
Governor: Lucille George-Wout
Prime Minister: Gilmar Pisas

Sint Maarten
Capital: Philipsburg
Largest city: Lower Prince's Quarter
Area: 34 km2 (13 mi2)
Population (2020): 41,486
Governor: Eugene Holiday
Prime Minister: Silveria Jacobs